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With the Quick Field addon, you can quickly create soil surfaces for 3D printed miniature scenery.

It can save you time by procedurally generating:
    - Hills for miniatures
    - Gardens for plants
    - Mounds for supporting trees, beams, gallows, fences, signposts etc.
    - Dirt around ruins and walls
    - Craters

 Create the perfect surface by tweaking these parameters:
    - Ground Details / Muddyness / Gravels
    - Pits Depth / Level / Scale
    - Pebbles, Stones and Rocks Density / Distance / Scale

You can convert the surface to a mesh with remeshing and decimation with one click.


    - In Blender go to menu Edit->Preferences then select Add-ons.
    - Click the Install button at the top of the preferences window and navigate to where you downloaded the zip file, select the file and click Install Add-on.
    - Activate the add-on by ticking the checkbox next to it.
    - The add-ons functionality is available through the Fields Tab in the tool menu to the right of the main viewport. Press N to show the tools if they are hidden.



    - From the menu: Edit->Preferences then select Add-ons
    - In the search box search All add-ons for "field"
    - Deactivate the add-on by unticking the checbox next to it.
    - Then click the Remove button.


    Make sure to uninstall the current addon version and restart blender before installing the new one .

Known Bugs:

    - Undo after generate field crashes blender
    - Undo after apply not working properly
    - Generating second field before applying or deleting the first not implemented yet



   - updated data file v10
   - bug report link added to install menu


   - addon install cleanup
   - updated data file v9


    - parameters can be saved and loaded


    - delete field button added


    - remesh default value set


   - updated data file to v8
   - new collection for the addon
   - control mesh stands in original collection
   - hiding control mesh after apply
   - voxel remesh added

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