Q Three Views

by Stefano Bianchini in Addons

Q Three Views is a blender Add-On that helps you quickly produce multi-view renderings in one click. You simply select an object and then click the “RENDER” button, "Q Three Views" places the cameras, render all necessary images, and then creates and displays the composition image.

For example you can get a multiview render of Suzanne in one click
1 Select an object
2 Click the render button
3 DONE !

Render an object, a selection or the whole scene
You can choose to render the entire scene while keeping the center of the frame on a target object or the center of the scene. Optionally "Q Three Views" can hide everything automatically and render only the selected object or a group of objects.
Many thanks to Nicole Morena for the model/scene shown here and in other examples.

Configurable layout
At the time of installation “Q Three Views” is configured to produce a composition of the three "canonical" views: front, right, top, plus an orthographic camera arranged at 45 degrees. However, you can arrange the layout in any grid shape choosing from 10 available type of views.

Work with Workbench, EVEE and Cycles render engines

April 3, 2024
Version 1.1 is published to make Q3V compatible with Blender 4.1

Known issue: 'Open EXR' file format with RGB color mode it does not work with Blender 4.1 or higher. Alternatively choose RGBA or BW color mode.

NB: before installing the new version of Q3V disable and uninstall any old versions first.

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Published 7 months ago
Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6
License GPL
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