Procedural Toolkit V1.6

by Rix Yarbrough in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • griantalamonti 4 months ago

    Amazing nodes! As a concept artist, they allow me to design new, intricated materials for my environments or props! I Love how fast and easy is to create different layers of details using mix colors between all the different nodes ^_^

    • Rix Yarbrough 4 months ago

      Awesome to hear that it has been helpful for you! :D

  • Antony 5 months ago

    Hey. Thank you so much for such a great job. It is very cool. A wish for the future, is it possible to add a description of nodes, what effects add, how effects change, grouping of nodes. Sorry for my bad english. Greetings from Russia. Creative success to you.
    P.s. i am noob to blender :) (2 weeks studying)

    • Rix Yarbrough 5 months ago

      Glad to hear you like the addon, and thanks for the great feedback!

  • Saunier 5 months ago

    Great ressource ! Thank you.

    • Rix Yarbrough 5 months ago

      Glad to hear you are enjoying it :)

  • N H 9 months ago

    I'm just starting out in Blender, so I'm not the best judge of how well this is produced on the technical level, but everything I've tried so far works as advertised and looks great. Beyond that, Rix responded very quickly to a question and I had and provided resources to help and was very friendly about it. There was also mention of planned tutorials and I think with that this would definitely be worth five stars at that point (and will edit this review, assuming I can edit, for when that happens).

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