Procedural Crowds

by Difffuse Studio in Modifier Setups

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  • Mikkel
    5 days ago

    This is an excellent add-on. It is easy to work with and the results are great. Even for animations. User-friendly interface. I have made a short video displaying some examples of crowds at an outdoor concert and crowds at a soccer stadium:

  • Toni
    13 days ago

    Great addon, it is so easy to do crowds now and price is very affordable for what it offers. For 18$ not only do I get a good models for people, which usually cost way more per model, but also ability to quickly scatter them and on top of that they are animated. Thank you, hopefully you will expand character library in the future and please if you can add support for Octane render shaders.

  • Mich Angel
    16 days ago

    If you want single, a couple, a group or a crowd filling up backgrounds or even in the foreground. This is the addon you been looking for... ;)
    Amazing work.. and very affordable.

  • Frank Hilton
    16 days ago

    I am very impressed with the quality of this addon. Everything works using Blender 3.5.1. Plenty of different ways to do crowds. I am looking forward to more updates and additional characters.

    But, the one thing I am most impressed about it is the awesome support. I have asked a few questions and got replies within 24 hrs or less (even same day.) Unlike (the other popular crowd addon), which has some bug issues it took 28 days to hear back and my last two contacts went unanswered in a week. So, I got a refund.

    Stick with this addon... it is cheaper, it works and the support is en-valuable.

  • Nicolas G
    19 days ago

    A good idea, and implemented in a simple and useful tool.
    The support is as good as it gets, and maybe slightly better than that.
    ( I have tested it for a whole day because of a version 3.5 blender problem that was not even this plugin's fault ... )
    This plugin can still be improved ... endlessly I guess ... for we users will always want something more about our crowds. But it is able to do a lot of things ... and surprisingly simply.

  • Kuba Radlicki
    19 days ago

    Quality tool, perfect pricing and great potential for future expansion, zombies monsters etc just by adding new models/ animations. Great job!!

  • Steve J
    19 days ago

    I bought Horde many months ago in the hope it would be updated and improved, or new characters added. Sadly, nothing's happened with it, so I took a punt on Procedural Crowds, which is half the price. Suffice to say, I've deleted Horde and this is now my go-to crowd system. The characters are great, the variety is good, the extensive controls make sense, and the developer actually replies to questions (looking at you LightArchitect). I'm also convinced that they'll be adding new features and characters in the future. I'd also be willing to pay for new character packs – sometimes Blender users expect too much from these very affordable addons and their small dev studios. Anyway, keep up the great work!

  • adlx
    20 days ago

    I Love the quality of the assets and functionality of the overall addon. This is an excellent product

  • Wigglepixel
    21 days ago

    These guys are just awesome! Very professional and communicative. As others have said it's great to finally have a quick and universal solution to crowd simulations in blender and it's very intuitive, renders fast and just great. Now that there's a possibility to add our own characters to it it's even unlimited times more powerful! Thanks a lot for all the hard work girls and guys and cat and dog or whoever is working at Diffuse Studio doing all this! ;)

  • Raven Carlisle Tabanera
    21 days ago

    One of the best and most convenient add-ons I've ever purchased. Waaay better (and even more affordable) than the other crowd addons out there!

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