Procedural Alleys

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  • AliTkhan
    2 days ago

    I bought this add-on and its really good for doing quick alleys and make scenes! i wish there were more easy ways to change the shop names to something local names for more realism but overall its good!

  • Carlosan
    4 days ago

    This version2 is da Bomb ! Thanks !

  • Toan
    2 months ago

    No more assets/features after 10 months published. Optimize VRAM really bad.

  • Tran Quang Huy Khoi
    3 months ago

    A great set of assets with geonodes that are extremely powerful and very easy to use. One of the best building generators I have ever purchased. Thank you!

  • Dean Walcott
    3 months ago

    This addon is awesome! at first the performance was slowing down blender a lot but I found that opening the blend file directly instead of appending it works flawlessly with no performance issues even when adding a lot of instances, this is an amazing addon! I wonder if there is a way to change the color of the streetlights.

  • Vladimir
    4 months ago

    This is a fantastic pack for the price. Although I am struggling a bit with my single GTX 1080 ti, that is my fault in 2023 and not the makers fault. I reckon anything from an RTX 2060 would make this pack fly. I am very glad I bought it and, as I said, the price is a givaway for what you get packed inside. Worth every penny.

  • Stoffe
    5 months ago

    outdated dont work with blender 3.6

  • Leejinpyo
    7 months ago

    it is very cool and easy. and i want to export to unity. i can change shader or material. but i can find convert attribute to UVMap. I can see just Generic and VertexGroup.

  • Patricio
    8 months ago

    WOW just freaking WOW

  • Mich Angel
    9 months ago

    Procedural Alleys is very well done and it was fairly easy to get going and manipulating out a street.. with side alleys and more. With some tinkering it was also easy to change some texture to get even more variety.. even tho it have a good mix from the start.
    This is affordable and amazing work.. 👍✨

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Published about 1 year ago
Blender Version 4.0, 3.6
License GPL
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