Pro-Lighting: Studio

by Blender Guru in Render Setups

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  • Saunier 4 months ago

    Great add on and great support !

  • Tom Dell'Aringa 6 months ago

    Just fantastic. I don't have the time to learn what this puts at my fingertips. Works perfectly in latest 2.8 build. Suddenly my renders look amazing. So glad I pulled the trigger.

  • spyrule 7 months ago

    Great plugin, but I don't think there are any plans for updating to 2.8. Don't buy this if you plan to live in the future anytime soon.

  • christitze 7 months ago

    Would pay an additional $127 for a version that's 2.8 compatible. Eevee and this seems like match made in heaven

  • Dave Gray 8 months ago

    Really awesome and well worth the price. :-)
    As with some others my question is will it be ported to Blender 2.8?

  • Vlad 8 months ago

    Best lighting tool, but like many others I wonder, will be there 2.8 version ever released or we should look for something else??? Not asking update for this now since 2.8 is still beta, but all we need to know if that is planned and will be worked on.

  • Julian Fuss 9 months ago

    I love this tool. When can we expect a 2.8 version?

  • Zoltan Varga 10 months ago

    Absolutely fabulous! Great for fast previews, and what's best... it uses blender elements/objects which you can tweak as you like to get your final renders. This plugin saved me quite a few hours if not days. I especially recommend this for those who sometimes suffer with lighting scenes.

  • John Joyce 12 months ago

    Wow this is another great plugin. Wish it worked better with multiple scenes but other than that getting the basics of scene together could not be much easier. I use this in almost every project, at least as a starting point.

  • Anders Pedersen over 1 year ago

    Still figuring out how much you are able to tweek the lighting on your own. But all around a good add on, and a must for people who wan't high-end renders with cinematic lighting. Still learning.

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