Pro-Lighting: Skies

by Blender Guru in Scripts and Addons

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  • felix 22 days ago

    Just wasted 47$ it loads in 2.8 but as soon as i change sun direction it crashes, really dissapointed !!

  • Daniela 4 months ago

    Doesn't quite work w/2.80+, buggy. No real support from the "support" team. And it takes quite a while before they even bother to reply. Wish I hadn't bought it.

  • Ivan 9 months ago

    Seemingly there is an update for Blender 2.8 but no idea how to get it. The entire purchase process was a bit mysterious but the product does what it says on the box.

  • Andrea Coppola about 1 year ago

    Hi, I bought Pro Lighting Skies and PL Studio (full edition). How to download the 2.8 compatible versions? Thanx. Andrea

  • [email protected] about 1 year ago

    So easy to use! A must have. Thank you.

  • spyrule over 1 year ago

    Great stuff, but I'm not too sure if this will ever be updated to 2.8. For the price, you'd expect it would be, but I haven't heard anything from Mr. Price about an update. If you are planning to stick with 2.7x, this is great. If not, you probably shouldn't buy this.

  • Jozef Michalenko over 1 year ago

    Thank you !

  • Giulia over 1 year ago

    I am really satisfied with this product. It finally made choosing the best lighting for my scenes way easier and faster: I applied these skies to a few scenes I had been lighting with plain hdrs and it gave them new life. Even in the lite pack there are many high quality hdrs with different lighting conditions, so I can choose to set my scene in the moment of the day and athmospheric condition I want.

  • hitman17528 over 1 year ago

    This look amazing! I just bought and tried for myself now!

  • Thomas Milus over 1 year ago

    Perfect lights for realistic rendering, fantastic extra options, a realy big help for hobby artists. Thank you.

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