Pool Table Collection

by Cameron Schmaltz in Models

In this collection you will find a Blend file that is setup for rendering with several different cameras to choose from. 

The collection includes a pool table with a ball return system, a pool ball set, an accessories rack with a triangle rack, chalk and pool sticks. The objects are setup in a way you find them in any scene. The objects can be moved, duplicated or used any way that you like.

The pool table ball return system is inside the pool table so the only way to see it is to hide the pool table body. In the attached images you can see an X-Ray image of inside the pool table as well as a rendered image of the ball return system by itself.

All objects use PBR textures and use a diffuse, roughness, and AO texture but some also use a metallic or normal texture.

There are no lights included in the Blend file. There is an HDRi file that was downloaded from HDR Haven that is included with the textures.