Physics Gen

by Ace Of 3D in Scripts and Addons

Physics Gen 1.3.3 Released!

Blender 2.9.2 compatible!

Physics Gen is the answer to making physics simulations faster and easier. With infinite simulation possibilities, it can be difficult to know all that is possible. Physics Gen sets random values you must change each and every time to make unique and interesting simulations with one button press!

Easy to Use

Anyone can create their own complex and beautiful simulations with a simple interface. Find it under the 'N' tab > Physics.

  1. Select any object
  2. Add a quick simulation or set up your own
  3. Make sure the domain is selected for smoke or fluid sims
  4. Find the Physics Gen panel in the object properties
  5. Use Physics Gen as much as you like!

For Experienced Blender Users as Well!

Physics Gen is not just for beginners!

  • Speed up your simulation workflow
  • Use randomization as a base for creating your custom simulations
  • Tweak any property or parameter to your liking

Here Are Just A Few Of The Results You Can Achieve:

Included features:

  • Smoke Domain Randomization
  • Fluid Domain Randomization
  • Particle Settings Randomization
  • Add Random Force Fields

Video Tutorial:

Recently Released Versions:

  • v1.3.3 - February 12, 2021 - Error and UI fixes
  • v1.3.2 - January 9, 2021 - more settings in the fluid domain panel
  • v1.3.1 - January 4, 2021 - ┬áBug fixes, additional tips to avoid common problems, and labels for better user experience
  • v1.3.0 - January 1, 2021 - Several bug fixes and additional domain features

Check back on the downloads page for access to all future updates!

Stop spending time messing with parameters and spend more creating!