Photorealistic Eye Generator

by CesarSalcedoCG in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • CloudMixer 11 months ago

    Zero buyers remorse.
    This is excellent.
    Im impressed by how easy it is to get whatever eyes i want.

    Even if you don't like eyes... buy it.. the absolutely-intense-beautiful-nightmare-fever dream of a node system is worth it!

  • Craige about 2 years ago

    Solid eyes; esp liked the option of getting left and right eye alternates with only one setting changed. Some anatomical additions could make this totally 5-star. The best available for blender!

  • Peter Willemsen over 2 years ago

    Works really well, the only thing that would be a nice addition is the ability to change the size of the iris!

  • Gustavo Guzman over 2 years ago

    The eye is clearly professionally modeled and interface, easy to use. well worth the purchase.

  • Fyodor over 2 years ago

    Produces really good results and easy to use!

  • Mickael Krebs over 2 years ago

    Best eye generator all soft, all time. Very friendly user, best buy than i did since a long time.

  • lombardo thibault over 2 years ago

    5/5 you can buy closed eyes (no pun intended).
    This is the best eye generator available for blender. the results are so realistic that many people thought they saw eye pictures. the documentation is very well done, everything is well explained and very clear. we can easily understand all the parameters. C├ęsar Salcedo worked more than 6 months on this generator and the result is here! I am really satisfied and impressed. a big thank you and congratulations. I hope you will offer other products in the future like hair or skin shader. BRAVO

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