Photorealistic Eye Generator

by CesarSalcedoCG in Materials, Shaders, Textures

How can I get my textures for the eye?

The textures will be generated automatically only by pressing the F12 key in the scene: Visualization fast (only emission). No more action is required. The file will be saved by default in the "C: \ Eye generator" directory.

Do I need a powerful device for this product?

The generator will work on any PC that supports Blender, but an i5 processor or higher is recommended. It would also be positive to have a decent graphics card.

Is it possible to change the shape of the pupil to get a more animal eye ?

Yes, in the new version 1.2  reptilians and cats iris have been included

This is a full version of this addon?

Of course, this is a full and updated version.

How change de pupil contraction?

The iris object contains a shape key for this, it is called " Pupil contract"