Pattern Designer

by Pierre Lazarevic in Modifier Setups

      Create seamless patterns out of a single image.

      Pattern Designer is a Blender NodeGroup setup that allows you to transform any texture into appealing patterns. It has never been easier to design infinite tileable patterns.

        When can you use Pattern Designer?

        The applications are limited by your imagination, but that's fine because PAD is stimulating that too! You can use it for :

        - Environement design to get original displacements and create happy accident quickly...

        - Floor/wall patterns for a simple wall or a complex ground texture...

        - UI design to get complex shapes and animation you could not make otherwise...

        - Characters Design, design tattoos, fabrics, sole shoes etc

        - Props design to help you find awesome spaceship hull displacement or original gun grip...

        - Trippy music video by animating any texture...

        - etc...

        Why using Pattern Designer?

        If you seek originality, Pattern Designer is here to help you achieve that.
        Randomly push the sliders then quickly find cool iterations. The possibilities are endless!

        How to use Pattern Designer?

        -By appending the Nodegroup into your scene
        -By using the provided Blender Scene to only focus on designing. Kind of a Standalone version, this way you can easely export the texture to use it everywhere you want.
        No need to be a blender expert:
        Check this Youtube Link for a complete walkthrough

        Multiple UV deformations

        Pattern designer provides 2 main warp deformations to play with, circular/kaleidoscopal + squarry. Each one has various sub deformations such as :

        Additionnal Auto-Animation Nodegroup

        With the additional Auto-Animation driver nodegroup it never has been so easy to animate values. Simply drag the animation type you desire to the slider you want to animate!

        Buy Once, get it FOR LIFE.

        Purchase Guarantee: All future updates will be provided free of charge.

        About Pattern Designer history

        PAD was initially intended for personal use. As a designer, I frequently encounter clients seeking originality and fresh concepts.  While experimenting with textures, I discovered a love for it, but found my workflow to be somewhat slow. I decided to improve it by exploring options within Blender. After some tries, I came up with that cool and fun nodegroup. Seeing my colleagues' interest, I figured others might find it useful too.

        PAD 1.5 is here! What's new?

        - One additional Warp output called "Squircle"

        - A random seed option to get results more quickly. You still can fine tune the image by using the sliders + the random seed!

        Art of Antoine Collignon:

        Art of Florent Lebrun:

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        Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6
        License Royalty Free
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