"Outpost Cabin" Kitbash Assets Collection

by DQ-Studio in Models

This kit was created as a result of my personal project "Outpost Cabin", which you can see some pictures of in the description.

The kit includes the Blender file, FBX and OBJ, along with all the textures. The Blender file also has a secondary scene in it that contains the fully-assembled cabin.

You may use it as you wish, with modifications, commercially or otherwise. If you are using the hero assets anywhere (cabin and barricade) all I ask is for credit for the original work.

Please note: these assets are high-quality but not too optimised for use in game engines, they certainly can be used but can also be optimised further by using trim sheets and tiling materials (all assets are UV-unwrapped), the goal was to learn how to use Substance suite (Designer, Painter, Alchemist) with still images. The geometry is quite clean, modelled from scratch, if only occasionally a bit too dense but, again, that's just not something I had time to refine.

Hope you enjoy it, thank you for supporting my work and offsetting tea and coffee costs :)