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  • Frank 6 months ago

    This is fantastic. Awesome work. :)

  • Rahul Parihar 8 months ago

    I make shaders for a living. Some of those shaders are in a pack.
    Node2Code helped me to 'bundle' them and share them as an add-on.

    It is very easy to use and the creator was more than willing to help me out.
    Thanks for making this. :)

  • Phil 11 months ago

    i brought this add-on today, it is exactly what i was looking for, i have been looking for something like this for ages.

    I have been messing around with it and with the extended version it gives me the info i need to turn my personal material add-on in to something really great with custom icons and also being able to change the code to alter the placement of the add-on within blender.

  • Robert Wesseling about 1 year ago

    For a year I struggled to get the hang of it making a simple addon and this addon Node3Code gave me exactly the insights how to start. In one day I made my own addon. The extended edition has some useful information for that. Also the developer fixed to issues in less than an hour and responded within a few hours on my e-mail.
    The addon itself is useful for adding nodes in the shader-editor (later also compositor, see roadmap) but for me it was so relieving that this gave me a quick start studying python in depth. Thanks!

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