Node Kit - Nodes Manager

by Pixel Egg Studio in Scripts and Addons

  • How to install?

Open Blender, go to File > User Preferences > Add-ons (or Edit > Preferences > Add-ons in 2.80), then press the “Install Add-on from File” button. Select the ZIP file that you downloaded after purchase and install it.

After installed, tick the add-on checkbox to enable it, and save your user preferences so it stays enabled.

  • How to use?

After you install and active the add-on, you can see a Node Kit tab in the Node Editor.

  • How to for animation nodes?

Install the animation nodes add-on from here, , currently I just testes with the latest version which is v2.1 Blender 2.8x.

  • Why my presets lost after updating the add-on?

The presets are saved in the preference of the add-on, and they will lost if you update the add-on, so please export them before updating the add-on by using the Export button, and later you can import them back by using the Import button.