Node Kit - Nodes Manager

by Pixel Egg Studio in Scripts and Addons

  • How to install?

Open Blender, go to File > User Preferences > Add-ons (or Edit > Preferences > Add-ons in 2.80), then press the “Install Add-on from File” button. Select the ZIP file that you downloaded after purchase and install it.

After installed, tick the add-on checkbox to enable it, and save your user preferences so it stays enabled.

  • How to use?

After you install and active the add-on, you can see a Node Kit tab in the Node Editor.

  • How to for animation nodes?

Install the animation nodes add-on from here, , currently I just testes with the latest version which is v2.1 Blender 2.8x.

  • How to save selected nodes

Before you can save nodes into presets, you need to create at least one folder in the add-on N panel. So that the UI elements for saving nodes will then available.

By default, if you do not select any nodes, it will save all of your nodes in the Node editor into a preset, if you want to just save parts of your nodes, just select what you want, and it will just save the selected nodes into a preset.

  • Why my presets lost after updating the add-on?

The presets are saved in the preference of the add-on, and they will lost if you update the add-on, so please export them before updating the add-on by using the Export button, and later you can import them back by using the Import button.