Nebula Generator

by Mark Kingsnorth in Materials, Shaders, Textures

How it works

Everything is documented in the files that contain a series of text files and labels to guide you through the process.


You will have access to two files:

  • nebula_2d_vX.X.blend - the latest version of the 2D node group for background effects.
  • nebula_3d_vX.X.blend  - the latest version of the 3D nebula generator for more sophisticated effects.

3D Nebula Generator

This is an experimental EEVEE version of the Nebula Generator that can produce sophisticated 3D Volumetric cloud effects.

2D Nebula Generator

The principles behind the node group is described in my youtube video here:

The node works by overlaying a series of different noise effects to produce the clouds and the stars.