Modeling A Spartan Warrior In Blender (2.79)

by Martin Klekner in Training

Do I need some paid software?

In the UVing stage, I recommend UV Packmaster and in one of the bonus lessons (meant as a sneak peek at the upcoming Spartan Texturing course) I use Substance Painter - get free 30 day trial here.

Is this a step-by-step guide?

No, some portions of the main lessons I've sped up to make the duration bearable and not to bore you to death.

However, there are realtime workflow versions of each important lessons, so that you can go in, and see the original recording of my workflow.

What difficulty is the course?

It is best suited for intermediate users who know their way around Blender but want to improve their techniques.

That being said, I often stop to explain why I'm doing certain things, I mention my keyboard shortcuts and all the tools I'm using... So it it's OK even for beginners to follow along!