Modeling a Spartan Warrior in Blender (2.79)

by Martin Klekner in Training

An epic course helping you create your own characters for your short film (or other projects). More than 3 hours of content in 38 lectures, several bonuses, a lot of fun historical facts and some bad jokes…

NOTE: This is not a human base mesh modeling course. I generate my character mesh in FUSE CC and focus mainly on the warrior's armor and gear modeling. 

somk2.jpgHello, friends of Blender, Ancient Greece… and generally cool stuff!

My name is Martin and I am so excited to bring you this epic course from the series of tutorials belonging to the Heroes of Bronze project. 

In this course, I focus on creating a Spartan warrior character, guiding you through various stages of modeling, sculpting, retopologizing, hair grooming, UVing and preparing for export to other applications.  At the end of it, you will have all the tools you need for creating your own characters for your CG videos and films.


  • more than 3 hours of guided tutorials in 38 lessons, sped up at repetitive tasks

  • bonus: adding rigged characters 

  • bonus: particle hair grooming

  • bonus: painting height in Substance Painter

  • lots of historical fun facts about Ancient Greece

  • ancient Greek decorative alphas (.png)

  • textured models (.blend) of the kopis sword and aspis shield



  • Blender 2.79 and higher

  • Free Addons (built into Blender 2.79): Layer Management, LoopTools, NodeWrangler, Texture Atlas

  • Paid Addons (optional): UV Packmaster

  • For the Bonus Lesson #3: Substance Painter (30 day free trial)


  • how to add rigged characters to Blender

  • how to model armor and accessories for the warrior model

  • how to sculpt and retopologize assets

  • how to UV unwrap the assets and pack them into Atlases

  • how to export meshes to Substance Painter and Height paint there

  • how to create particle crest in Blender

  • a lot of unnecessary but fun historical facts about Ancient Greece:

More info on the website:

When you get the course, first read the INTRODUCTION.pdf document.

After that, you can start watching the spartancourse_000_intro

If you don't have your human base mesh ready, watch spartancourse_000b_add_characters

The main course starts at spartancourse_000c_reference and spartancourse_001_helmet_modeling

Then, just follow the numbering of the uploaded files.

There is a bonus lesson spartancourse_003b_crest (showing you how to create the maginificent Spartan horsehair crest) and spartancourse_036_height (giving you a sneak peek at the techniques from the upcoming Spartan Warrior Texturing course).

In case you won't understand anything about the techniques shown in the main lesson videos, you can watch videos with spartanCourse_0XXrealtime written in their title - these are complete realtime recording of my workflow (no commentary).

In the end, if you want to give me a Feedback, please do, either here on BlenderMarket or open the SURVEY.pdf and click on the link there...

Thank you so much, my friends!


Do I need some paid software?

In the UVing stage, I recommend UV Packmaster and in one of the bonus lessons (meant as a sneak peek at the upcoming Spartan Texturing course) I use Substance Painter - get free 30 day trial here.

Is this a step-by-step guide?

No, some portions of the main lessons I've sped up to make the duration bearable and not to bore you to death.

However, there are realtime workflow versions of each important lessons, so that you can go in, and see the original recording of my workflow.

What difficulty is the course?

It is best suited for intermediate users who know their way around Blender but want to improve their techniques.

That being said, I often stop to explain why I'm doing certain things, I mention my keyboard shortcuts and all the tools I'm using... So it it's OK even for beginners to follow along!

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  • chermozak 3 months ago

    Very interesting course!))

    • Martin Klekner 2 months ago

      Thank you! Glad you like it ;-)

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