Meta Character Maker

by Daniel F.R. Gordillo in Scripts and Addons

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  • niittymaa 9 months ago

    Useful addon! As sleepy_eleven said already one feature that missing.

  • sleepy_eleven 11 months ago

    Awesome addon. Any plans on adding the ability to save additional user metaball characters to the library in the .cvs format inside of blender? If not, would you mind sharing your method of producing meta_character.cvs files?

    • Daniel F. R. Gordillo 11 months ago

      Thanks! The script I made to export the metaball array is not working correctly (I have to manually edit most of the CVS files it produces) but my goal is to make it work again and add it as an operator inside the addon (in the future) along with a bigger character library

  • juncando2017 over 1 year ago

    Nice Addon.

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