Meta Character Maker

by Daniel F.R. Gordillo in Scripts and Addons

When enabled, the plugin will appear in the CREATE panel. You will be able to select different creatures in a combo box list. (2.8 version will create it's own tab in the right column)

  • The "Linked Copy" option links both sides of the character, so if you change anything in edit mode, it will be x-mirrored. Disable this if you want to asymmetrically edit the objects.
  • The "Use 3D cursor" forces custom coordinates for the new object. The scene origin is the default spawning place.
  • The "Convert to mesh" option turns the metaball array into a polygonal mesh.
  • You can define an object name, in case you need to spawn several characters.

Once you initialize the character, you can change view resolution, render resolution, scale or the creature type.

Quick links to create any creature appear in the Add->metaball->metacharacters menu