Medieval City Pack

by DenBru in Models

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  • mattvg about 2 years ago

    While nicely stylized, the topology leaves much to be desired. For example, many of the walls are filled with triangles which cause a huge amount artifacting on otherwise flat surfaces. Some models have faces overlapping other faces which, again, causes rendering artifacts. Other, similar models have topology that's just fine.

    No groups were used and names are the likes of "tower002.004". Other models are named appropriately such as "mountain01" and "mountain02".

    I had to clean the .blend file up and group items appropriately, so I could easily import the elements I wanted into my scene. The somewhat wonky topology doesn't effect my work as I'm using this as a distant city and a base for a painting, but be advised that some models will need to be cleaned up if you plan to use them for renders.

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