Material Library Materialiq - Cycles & Eevee Materials Material

by polygoniq in Models

Are there any tutorials?

Yes! We have an active Youtube channel so check it out!

Does this library work with 2.79?

No, we no longer support Blender 2.79 as it adds too much additional redundant work.

Can I add my own materials?

It's not completely straightforward but with a bit of digging into the nodegroups of the materials, adding a new material is easy. Just duplicate a material that is sort of similar, then duplicate the NodeGroup also and rename both to the new material name. Then change the textures inside the Nodegroup and you're all set.

Does this library work with 2.8?

Yes, it does. Both Cycles and Eevee. The showcase projects are also prepared to work well with Eevee. Also right now it only works in 2.80.75 and up.