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What the different between V1 and V2?

V1 is the first version, and V2 is the new version that also have a time tracker for your project, 
because its still new version and may have some bugs, you can also download for now V1.

Can I use the lite and the full version at the same time?

No, you can use only one version. if you will turn them both on at the same time you can get some errors

What the different between the Full and the Lite version?

The Full version is best for freelancers, you can see the price, the start and finish date for your projects, and have a clients list.

The Lite version is for non-freelancers, with the lite version you can just see the projects that you worked on and see their status.

On which operating systems does it work

for now it was tested only on Windows

Can I see the time that I work on a project?

Not yet, in the next version you will be able to see the time that your work on your projects

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