Low Poly Vintage Iv Stand

by Nevermore Graphics in Models

  • PBR material, with diffuse, metal, roughness, normal and SSS maps in 2048px.
  • Low-Poly and game-ready, but it's subdivisible and has creased edges to keep the shape when subdividing.
  • There are two versions of the IV stand, one for blood, the other one for plasma and they both share UV texture space for the stand itself, although the liquids have their own UV's.
  • Each stand has their own version of the tubing coiling around the pole.
  • Both, the blood and the plasma have subsurface scattering for realism.
  • The glass, tubing and the plasma all have transparency, however it's not transmission nor refraction. Transparent BSDF was used to favor game engines. The transparency map comes in the diffuse alpha. If you need refraction, this might require to tweak the textures by hand in Photoshop, by making the glass parts of the texture lighter in the diffuse map and darkening them in the roughness map.