Low Poly Steel Barrel With PBR Material

by Nevermore Graphics in Models

Low poly steel barrel/drum modeled in Blender, for the Cycles renderer, with PBR materials. Comes with diffuse, metal, roughness and normal maps in 2048x2048. There are 11 skins you can use to match the color scheme of your project. Ideal for games, but if sub-divided, can be used in production as well.

  • PBR material, with diffuse, metal, roughness and normal maps in 2048px.
  • 16 textures in total, with 11 different variations; Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, navy blue purple, violet, black, white and metal.
  • Low-Poly and game-ready, but it's subdivisible and has holding edges to keep the shape when subdividing.
  • All variations are in the scene, so you can delete/hide the ones you don't need, or use them all.

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