Locomotion Addon - Traffic, Crowds

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Locomotion Addon for Blender

The Locomotion Addon is a powerful tool designed to bring dynamic, lifelike motion to your Blender projects. This versatile addon includes seven preset systems that make it easy to animate various entities along paths and surfaces. Leveraging the power of geometry nodes, the Locomotion Addon ensures smooth, continuous animations with endless loops. Customize your animations effortlessly and bring your vision to life with realistic and dynamic motion.

Key Features:

  • Endless Animations: All animations created with the Locomotion Addon are looped endlessly, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted motion throughout your project.
  • Geometry Nodes: The use of geometry nodes underpins the addon’s robust functionality, providing a flexible and powerful framework for complex animations.
  • Modifiers Tab Settings: All preset settings are conveniently located in the modifiers tab, allowing for easy customization and adjustments to fit your project needs.
  • User-Friendly Integration: Simply add your models to the system to create personalized and unique animations effortlessly.
  • 7 Presets:
    • Crowd System on a Path
    • Crowd on surface random movements
    • Insects on a Path & Surface
    • Birds on a Path
    • Insects Flying Around Object
    • Simple Car Traffic System

    • Custom Model Integration: The Locomotion Addon allows you to add any of your models to move along paths, be it airplanes, missiles, or any other objects, giving you unlimited creative possibilities.

    • Mixamo Crowd Models (Included): Presets utilize Mixamo characters for demonstration purposes only (copyright reserved). These models are  included with the addon but not for sale in the addon you can get the model for free on mixamo SWAT.

    Crowd System on a Path

    Populate your scenes with animated characters that follow a predefined path, perfect for creating bustling urban environments or busy marketplaces. Note that the 3D models provided in this preset are sourced from Mixamo and are copyright reserved, thus they are not included for sale with the addon.

    Insects on a Path

    Simulate swarms of insects moving along a path, ideal for nature scenes or horror-themed projects where you need realistic bug movements.

    Insects on a Surface

    Add crawling insects that move across various surfaces, enhancing the realism of any scene that requires ground-level insect activity.

    Birds on a Path

    Create flocks of birds flying in coordinated patterns along specified paths, perfect for animating sky scenes or nature documentaries.

    Insects Flying Around an Object

    Generate chaotic yet believable insect flight patterns around any chosen object, adding a dynamic element to your scenes.

    Traffic System

    Implement a simple yet effective traffic system with cars following roadways, bringing your urban scenes to life with moving vehicles.

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