Forest Gen - Procedural Addon

by EdenWeby 3D in Modifier Setups

Forest Gen is a powerful Blender addon that leverages the flexibility of Geometry Nodes to scatter a variety of forest assets across any selected object. With a few clicks, breathe life into your scenes: Addon Location on the N-panel > Forest Gen Tab, Tap N on the keyboard to bring out the side panel


This Addon comes with our Surface displacement pack that has 46 presets you can use to make mountains or irregular surfaces, included in this addon for free

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Whether you're working on architectural visualizations, game environments, or animated films, Forest Gen empowers artists and designers to effortlessly breathe life into their creations, turning barren landscapes into vibrant, thriving forests with ease.

Included Assets

This addon comes with collections that are scattered around your selected object but they can also be changed with your own collection

Realistic Trees: Choose from pre-built tree variations or use your own custom collection for a truly unique forest.

Vibrant Grass: Add lush carpets of grass to create a natural foundation for your forest.

Scattered Rocks & Stones: Enhance realism with a sprinkle of rocks and stones, seamlessly integrated into the terrain.

Diverse Plants & Bushes: Fill your forest with a variety of plants and bushes, adding depth and detail.

Unleash Your Creativity: 

Custom Collections: Don't limit yourself to the default assets. Import your own collections of trees, plants, rocks, and anything else you imagine populating your forest.

Full Control: Forest Gen empowers you to define the density, scale, and rotation of your scattered objects, allowing for complete creative control over the final look.

Simple Interface: The intuitive interface makes generating a forest a breeze. Simply select your target object, click Add Forest, and define the desired parameters.

Geometry Node Power: Forest Gen leverages the power of Geometry Nodes, ensuring efficient and non-destructive workflow.

Weight Paint Forest: Paint the Forest on any object, paint where you want the objects to be using the Density Factor property on the modifier tab, 

Forest Gen is the perfect tool for: Environment artists creating stunning landscapes. Game developers bringing their worlds to life. Anyone who wants to add a touch of nature to their Blender scenes.

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