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I have installed the updated version and it doesn't work properly with an older scene. What should I do?

Updates might be extensive enough to change core functionality and make newer versions incompatible with scenes created using the older version. We recommend installing the version that was used to create the original scene.

Do the shaders work with EEVEE?

No, at the moment they are not made for EEVEE, but a future update will provide EEVEE support

Can I use shaders on other objects?

Yes! You can apply the materials in the library to any object, and their settings can be controlled via Liquifeel's interface

Can I fill an object that I modeled?

Yes! Liquifeel provides an alogrithm that can fill objects as long as they respect 3 rules:

  • object has thickness (solidified)
  • object has an opening oriented upwards (like a real bottle or glass has)
  • object is a single-island mesh.
Does Liquifeel provide liquid simulations?

No, it does not. Liquifeel is using geometry nodes to create geometry inside objects that resembles liquid.

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