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What Liquifeel Does

Liquifeel lets you instantly fill your cups, glasses, or bowls with liquids that are interactive, yet not physically simulated.
It also provides an extensive Material library, with presets for a lot of common beverages and tools for realistically representing pretty much any liquid you can imagine!
The liquid geometry and shaders have been created exclusively using Liquifeel

How to Use Liquifeel

30+ Realistic Shader Presets

Create awesome, realistic liquids and transparent materials for Cycles with just a few clicks! Most shader presets (coffee, wine, beer, etc.) have just enough configurability so you can obtain the effects you are looking for!

The Uber Shaders

There are two of them: one for Liquid materials and one for Solid transparent materials. These offer a tremendous amount of configurability for your to create any transparent media!

3D Assets

Also use the 3d models of glasses, bowls and cups to quickly populate scenes when you need that!

What Liquifeel does NOT:

Outflowing Geometry

Liquifeel can't help create the stream of liquid pouring out

Physics Simulations

Liquifeel can't help if you need actual fluid dynamics

Fill ANY type of volume

Please check the overview video where we explain the rules in detail!

You can join our Discord at any time, if you have any questions or issues or would like to participate in our conversation on how we can develop Liquifeel further and what features would be cool to have!

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Blender Version 4.1
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