Level Builder

by Kenneth in Scripts and Addons

Level Builder is for Blender 2.8 only!

Level Builder is a powerful tools help you to speed up the level design process.

How to create asset library for Level Builder.

Asset Selector:

Select asset from blend libraries with categorized by collection.

Grid Mode:

Placing asset with grid snapping.

Using hotkey, you can rotate, scale asset on grid, change grid location, orientation and size.

Surface Mode:

Placing asset with surface snapping.

Holding shift, ctrl, alt, you can rotate, scale and adjust offset on surface.

Drag to paint asset along the stroke.

Scatter Mode:

Scatter assets on surface.

Batch Import & Generate Preview

Include script to help you batch import all models in folder and generate preview for all objects.


When placing multiple assets, it can be chosen randomly with weight, or sequentially by order.


8 Feb  2019: Added paint along stroke in surface snapping mode.


To install the Level Builder, you can do this by going to File > User Preferences > Add-ons > Install from File then choose the level_builder.zip. (No need to unpack it)

After install and enable the addon, a new “Level Builder” tab is added to N-panel in 3D view, and a new “Level Builder” panel is added to “Active Tool” tab in Properties.

You can use the +/- button to add / remove blend file to the libraries list. Press the Selector button to open the asset selector. You can also use default hotkey Shift + Enter.

Batch Import

You can batch import all assets (fbx, obj, 3ds, blend) in a folder with “Batch Import” panel. All subfolders is also imported to sub collections.

Rename Object

Rename the object with the file name.

Rename Mesh

Rename the mesh data with the object name.

Override Transform

Change the rotation and scale after import.

Apply Transform

Apply rotation and scale after import.

Align to grid

Align each asset row by row and column by column.


Asset number for each column.

Adjust Location

Place the asset using bounds center.

Adjust Size

Resize the asset to fit one unit cube.

Restart Collection

Restart on each collection.


Rearrange exist assets in active collection.

Generate Preview

To has preview in asset selector, you need to generate preview in the blend library. The image is saved with the same name as the object and packed in blend file.


The image file format.


The size of image.

Use scene world

Use the world in current scene; otherwise, a simple world with single color is used.

Use Alpha

Save with alpha in image.

Replace Materials

Help you batch replace materials assigned to objects. Select the material you want to replace to. Enter pattern (Regex) of materials name to replace with. All materials name match the pattern is replaced to the selected material.

Rigid Body Helper

Help you to create the rigid body proxy objects and settings. Most game assets pivot point is not in the center, and may contain children objects. Using that object with physics has wield result. “Rigid Body Helper” creates a proxy object join with all children and set the origin to center of mass. After simulation, the proxy data is transferred back to original objects.

Asset Selector

Asset Selector allows you to select asset and place the asset to the scene. Only objects without parent is shown in selector, all children of object is grouped as a single asset. The image with the same name as the object is shown as preview.

Flattened Collection

Show all collections and sub collections together.

Flattened Collection Off

Flattened Collection On


Select the asset and enter placement mode.

Shift + Click

Select multiple assets.

Shift + Mouse Wheel

Scroll up / down faster.

Ctrl + Mouse Wheel

Increase / decrease preview size.

Grid Mode

Place the asset using grid snapping. Press 1 to activate.

Grid Step

The step to change the grid size when using hotkey.

Rotate Step

The step to rotate the object when using hotkey.

Scale Step

The step to scale the object when using hotkey.

Center Offset

Add half size offset to grid.

Grid Location

The grid plane origin location.

Grid Orientation

The grid plane normal direction.

X / Y / Z

Select the grid orientation.

Up / Down

Move the origin location of grid plane.

Left / Right

Rotate the object with rotate step. Hold Shift / Ctrl to rotate on other two axis.

Insert / Delete

Scale the object with scale step.

Numpad + / -

Change the grid size with grid step. Hold Shift / Ctrl / Alt to change X / Y / Z axis only.


Hold Shift and move mouse to fill object within the grid area.


Hold Ctrl to place object at half offset.

Surface Mode

Place the asset using surface snapping. Press 2 to activate.

Align Object

Select how the object align to the target. Align object local direction to target normal or custom direction.

Offset Step

The step to change offset when using hotkey.

Rotate Step

The step to rotate the object when using hotkey.

Scale Step

The step to scale the object when using hotkey.

Snap Ground

Snap to ground if no surface detected.


The distance to place object if no surface and ground detected.

X / Y / Z

Select the object align vector. Hold Shift to use -X / -Y / -Z

Up / Down

Change the offset with offset step.

Left / Right

Rotate the object with rotate step.

Insert / Delete

Scale the object with scale step.


Hold Shift and move mouse to change offset.


Hold Alt and move mouse to rotate object.


Hold Ctrl and move mouse to scale object.

Scatter Mode

Place the asset using scatter mode. Press 3 to activate.


The radius to scatter objects.


The number of object to scatter.

Interval Scale

The ratio of radius that the minimum distance to scatter new objects.

Interval Min

The minimum distance to scatter new objects.


Spawn objects in sphere before projection, otherwise in circle.


Spawn objects uniformly.


Scatter objects using projection.


Scatter objects on nearest surface.

Project Normal

The projection direction when using project method.

Align Object

Select how the object align to the target. Align object local direction to target normal or custom direction.

Mouse Wheel

Change the radius.

Shift + Wheel

Change the density.

X / Y / Z

Select the object align vector. Hold Shift to use -X / -Y / -Z


Toggle sphere.


Toggle uniform.

Object Pool

All selected objects are shown in object pool.

Select Object Randomly

Spawn object randomly or sequentially.


Custom order when using sequential, fill with the index with comma. You can use -1 to skip one step.


The weight of the object when choose randomly.

Three Dots

Press it to override object randomness.


There are three randomness settings for grid mode, surface mode and scatter mode.

Global Hotkeys

Enter / Left Click

Place object.

Esc / Right Click

Exit Level Builder.


Reselect object.


Reset offset / rotation / scale.


Use new randomness to spawn objects.

Mouse Wheel

Reselect object randomly or next object for sequential.


Hold P to select custom pivot point. Alt P to restore original pivot point. Shift P to apply custom pivot point to all object pool objects.


Hold \ to suspend Level Builder ui. You can change camera location and angle.

Custom Pivot Point

When selecting custom pivot point, you can use mouse wheel to change different selection mode. 1) edge / face center of the bounds. 2) project original pivot point to bounds. 3) same as 1 but exclude (0,0,0) in bounds. 4) same as 2 but exclude (0,0,0) in bounds.

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  • toomanydemons about 1 month ago

    I really love this addon, It's very useful for quickly bringing models into a scene and setting them up. The snapping is great, especially the ability to elevate or lower the snapping grid. The grid settings are very nice as well. I'm able to work a lot faster using this addon to place moduler sets. Everything works pretty well, but there are a few nuances to be aware of for potential customers. I would very easily give this addon 5 starts except for a few small annoyances:
    The menu that shows up at the top of the screen interferes and overlaps with your main Blender UI unless you have flipped it to the bottom. An option to make the level builder UI appear below the main UI (or along the side or bottom, or perhaps in a window on the N-panel like a regular asset management addon) would be super awesome. Also, it's extremely awkward for anyone who is a former maya user (who uses alt to pan/rotate in the viewport) to use the backslash key to step out of the level builder mode and rotate the view. Since there are quite a few Maya-style users in the Blender community, this is a huge problem. I believe having an option to change the hotkeys would be amazing ( I would set the "\" hotkey to be alt, so that it would feel very natural for myself).

  • Robert Wesseling 2 months ago

    An addon like this, is an important addon. Blender comes with a lot of features, but the user has to do really everything. For example there is not one material, no lights in the default scene etc. So to get something done takes ages and therefore, very important, it happens that we forget that our idea has to come first and then the tools. In orther words, it would be nice if Blender has something that you can realize your idea very quickly. And that is what you can do with this addon. Just create.
    Ok, you need a library first, but that will grow very quick in a matter of a few weeks.
    I just started with this addon, and created already 40 items like tiles, grids, pillars, etc.
    There was one thing a bit a challenge and that was to generate thumbnails so that I could see them well. Could you explain how you have to setup your scene so that you get good thumnails?
    Great addon, very welcome!

    • Kenneth Lo 2 months ago

      I use the generate preview function come with Level Builder. Did you have any trouble using this function?

  • Benjamin Stanley 2 months ago

    I have been using this tool for a while now and I am loving it. Pick this tool up if you work with Unity, Three.JS, or any form of other framework. Great job so far.

  • Davide Prestino 3 months ago

    Very Usefull Tnx!

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