Layer Painter

by Joshua Knauber in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • tumira 24 days ago

    The developer mentions this at the front page "THIS ADDON WILL NOT BE UPDATED FOR MUCH LONGER" . Product still felt incomplete and buggy and lags. Does not have any update in few months already. Safe to say that this product is not supported or actively developed anymore. Stop wasting your time.

  • Piero 29 days ago

    It's buggy and it seems there isn't much development going on.
    I give it 3 stars as it had potential.

  • Maged about 1 month ago

    it would be a great addon, nice concept but no bug fix,that could be add but no dev updates, waste of time !!

  • Ashley Walker 6 months ago

    So much more powerful than I was expecting, has a lot of further potential as-well.
    While I still get confused and have to work out a few things, this really speeds up texturing.

    Really looking forward to 1.3.

  • picpic 7 months ago

    BUGS BUGS BUGS... in my blender version 2.83. The concept is really good but not stable for me.

    • Joshua Knauber 7 months ago

      Please contact me somewhere so I can get a chance to fix the issues you're having

  • Andrew Branch 7 months ago

    Brilliant, it is so easy to use, I wish I had bought it earlier.

  • Luca Costa 7 months ago

    the Add on is very usefull, 5 star for sure. But there's a cons:
    the inside tutorial is not updated with the last version (albedo is referred as Diffuse, minor thing, but can be updated. Also some steps are not extremly clear, so it's easy get lost (see steps:18 /19 /20). I suggest to update the inside tutorial with some more steps and a bit more clear. Despite that this add-on wil save you a LOT of time.
    The new Ui is very intuitive.

  • Platyros 10 months ago

    Layer Painter adds texturing tools inside Blender that should be in program as default. You don't have to work with nodes anymore and working with layers is way more effective and nondestructive. I actually asked Joshua to add "eraser tool" to Blender because program itself doesn't provide that! If you have something to ask, just contact Joshua. He is very helpful and actually is listening what people are asking for.

  • metalaw 11 months ago

    it's great tool !!

  • griantalamonti 11 months ago

    Please look at this addon with patience, this developer is giving us Substance Painter/designer power inside Blender and with version 1.2 he got closer than ever.
    If you don't want/need to work with nodes this is actually the best option out there, you don't like to connect super small dots with lines in the shader editor? You're gonna love simple clicks on tabs.
    Instead of writing about bugs here people should contact Joshua directly he's going to support as best as he can and with good thoughful reviews we can help him/ourselves in making this the best texturing addon for Blender. I cannot stress enough how much powerful this is in combo with ExtremePBR, it was only a dream I had in mind before the developer actually made it. Thanks a lot for your work.

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