Lapineige'S Tools V2.9 - Add-Ons Compilation To Make Your Life Easier

by lapineige in Scripts and Addons

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  • Craig Jones almost 3 years ago

    The addons are a great collection, though each is a great tool individually and worth the money spent. Thankful that the author has made them GPL so that we can study and add to them as we can - hopefully to help improve them and return them better :D

    • lapineige almost 3 years ago

      Thanks a lot Craig Jones for your feedback ! :)

      By the way, making the add-on GPL is mandatory, because Blender is GPL too and the add-ons use its API.
      But I would have done it even if it was not mandatory. I prefer to make it available for free, and to let you "buy" it as a kind of gift, if you appreciate it.

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