Lapineige's Tools v2.9 - Add-ons compilation to make your life easier

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Lapineige’s Tools v2.9

[English version] Hi, I’m Lapineige. This is a compilation of some add-ons that i have made during my free time. There is no hugely amazing tool or something like that, just tools that people have asked me and make life and blending easier. It’s coded from users ideas, by an user (me), and for the users. No obscure, complicated tools made by an alone coder, just what people wanted. And when I say for the users, that mean if you want 1 more option here, or 1 more tool to do whatever you like, please just ask me ;-)

Content description

The Lapineige’s Tool is a big add-on including several small add-ons (to make the installation and usage easier and faster). In the current version (V2.9), there is 10 add-ons included (a lot more are coming soon):
AutoMirror: a tool to set-up your mesh with a mirror modifier and to add symmetry;
- Tweak Area: a tool that makes opening and closing window super easy and faster than ever; 
Precise Render Border Adjust (PRBA): asthe name suggests, a tool to precisely adjust the render border; – Origin Placing Tools: more tools to place the origin; 
Multi-Camera Render: render and save sequentially with several cameras; 
– An add-on adding to the render panel an option to choose the graphics card (very useful with multi-GPU computer); 
– Another one that add a Lock Camera To View button on the 3D view header
– A Pie Menu for the text editor, with usefull tools for script coders (it is designed for my own use, so feel free to request changes) 
Incremental Save: a tool that save a copy of your file with an incremental suffix. No longer need to do that by hand.
– Advanced Material Override: do you know the material override option (in renderlayer panel) ? It's the same, with exclusion options. For instance, it's really useful to exclude (mesh) lamps.

I recommend you to watch the video above, to have a demo of these tools ;)

Important note

All these add-ons are completely FREE, in every senseof the word: – there are under GPL v3, so in fact your are free to use them as you want, for whatever you want – there are available on my GitHub, for free (the only difference is that there is no compilation, there are separated). So by buying this pack, in fact you make a donation. You support and help me to develop more tools.  And all the new tools I could develop because of donations will be added to this compilation, for free :-)
NB: By buying this add-on, you not only support myself, you support also the Blender Foundation. Because 40% of the price directly goes to the Foundation. Why a so important part ? Because there are continuously some people who are working hard to give us this so cool software, Blender. I really can’t make money without their reciprocate. And for these super cool people who want to donate more, just buy it 1 more time ;-)  


[French version]
Bonjour, je suis Lapineige. Ceci est une compilation de quelques add-ons que j’ai pu réaliser durant mon temps libre. Il n’y a pas de méga add-on qui ajoute un tas de grosses fonctionnalités ambitieuses, juste des outils qui m’ont été demandés et qui améliorent/simplifient votre utilisation de Blender. Ils ont été programmés à partir d’idée des utilisateurs, par un utilisateur (moi), pour les utilisateurs. Pas d’outil obscur et compliqué comme les programmeurs peuvent parfois pondre, juste ce dont les gens ont besoin. Et quand je dis pour les utilisateurs, cela veut dire que si vous souhaitez telle option en plus, tel outil pour faire ce dont vous avez besoin, n’hésitez-pas à me le faire savoir ;-)

Description du contenu

Lapineige’s Tool (littéralement les outils de Lapineige) c'est un pack d’add-on qui en contient plusieurs petits (pour en faciliter l’installation et l’usage, et permettre un gain de temps). Dans la version actuelle (V2.9), il y en a 10 (et beaucoup d’autres sont en préparation):
AutoMirror: un outil pour rapidement ajouter de la symétrie à votre maillage. 
- Tweak Area: un outil pour ouvrir et fermer des fenêtres rapidement.
Precise Render Border Adjust (PRBA): comme son nom l’indique, un outil pour placer précisément la Render Border;
Origin Placing Tools: plein de nouveaux outils pour placer l’origine de vos maillages;
Multi-Camera Render: rendre et sauvegarder le rendu avec plusieurs caméra à la chaîne; – Un add-on qui ajoute au panneau de rendu une option de choix de la carte graphique (utile pour les PC multi-GPU);
– Un autre ajoute à la vue 3D l’option Lock Camera To View.
– Un Pie Menu pour l’éditeur de texte, contenant des outils pour les programmeurs (il est basé sur mes besoins personnels, donc n’hésitez pas à demander des modifications)
Incremental Save: un outil pour sauvegarder une copie votre fichier avec un suffixe incrémental. Plus besoin de le faire à la main, il le fait pour vous !
– Advanced Material Override: vous connaissez l'option material override (dans les panneaux des renderlayer) ? C'est le même principe, mais avec des options d'exclusions, très utile par exemple pour exclure les lampes, et conserver son éclairage.
Je vous recommande de regarder la vidéo ci-dessous (une version française sera bientôt disponible), qui vous servira de démo ;-)

Remarques Importantes

Tous ces add-ons sont complètement gratuits et libres: – ils sont sous licence GPL v3, donc vous pouvez les utilisez pour ce que vous voulez comme vous le voulez; – ils sont disponibles sur mon GitHub, gratuitement ( la seule différence c’est qui ne sont disponibles que séparément). Donc en achetant ce pack, en fait vous faites un don. Vous m’aidez à développer d’autres outils. Et tout nouvel outil développé grâce à vous dons sera ajouté gratuitement à ce pack.   NB: En achetant cet add-on, vous ne m’aider pas seulement, vous faites aussi un don à la Fondation Blender. Car 40% du montant revient directement à la Fondation. Pourquoi une part si importante ? Parce qu’il y a en permanence des gens qui bossent dur pour nous offrir ce super logiciel qu’est Blender. Et je ne peux vraiment pas gagner de l’argent avec sans leur rendre la pareille.
Pour les sympathiques personnes qui voudraient donner un montant plus important (et je les en remercie beaucoup), faites juste plusieurs achats ;-)

Currently the most complete documentation is the video attached to this page.

Feel free to contact me if you encounter any trouble or have feature suggestion :-)

Warning: if you are using my add-ons (from GitHub), before installing the Lapineige's Tools, please remove them to avoid crash.  

Release Notes:

 ###### version 2.9

- Deleted an (unused) double in the AutoMirror code.

- The Tweak Area operator now split the screen where the mouse is (instead of the splitting always on the middle). 

- Material Advanced Override now display the alert message correctly (it was buggy before). 

- Material Advanced Override now works well with instances. 

###### version 2.8 

- Material Advanced Override can now deal with objects that have no material (slots). - It also display an alert message in 3D view, to make sure you will not forget it is enabled. 

###### version 2.7 - a bug was blocking the Incremental Save Tool, now it's fixed. 

###### version 2.6 

- added Advanced Material Override, the same tool as the renderlayer override but with exclusion options (realy usefull to exclude lamps,...). 

- Text Editor Pie: Comment and Indent are now on the same side, to be more consitent. 

###### version 2.5 

- The Incremental Save as been improved, it can use an existing naming system. For exemple, if you file is MyBlend01.blend, it will saves MyBlend02.blend. 

###### version 2.4 

- The Incremental Save is now (realy) working, but only on Windows. It also show an info message to know where the file is saved, and with what name. - AutoMirror: the axis menu changed to radio-buttons. 

###### version 2.1 

- Fix: correct an issue with 2.0, the text editor pie is no longer using the classical indent/(un)comment tools. 

###### version 2.0 

- added a Incremental File Save tool, that save a version of your file with an incremental suffix. - Fix: the shorcut for the Pie and for Tweak Area no longer need to be re-changed each time you start a new Blender session. 

- Fix: As for the pie/tweak area, the lock camera to view option and the graphic card choice no longer need to be re-activated each time you start a new Blender session

###### version 1.8 

- changed an icon in the text editor pie menu - remove a bug when unistalling, with the pie menu shortcut - improved stability of keymaps managment 

###### version 1.7

- removed a 'bug' with the keymap when opening a new blend file.

- removed a bug with automirror, blocking the parameters view.

- delete an unused line in PRBA 

###### version 1.6 - In the text editor's pie, the tools indent and (un)comment no longer need to select at least a part of a line to be used (unlike the default Blender one). With multiple lines selected, that works as how it works before. And the tool will uncomment several '#' at the same time.

 ###### version 1.5 - added a Pie Menu for the text editor, with some tools useful for scripting - fixed a bug with version 1.2, blocking AutoMirror options - some more minor code adjusted 

######  version 1.2 - Now the choice of add-on enabled is stored in the preferences. No need to reactivate them each time.

######  version 1.1 - Fix a bug with the keymaps when removing the add-on

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  • Craig Jones almost 2 years ago

    The addons are a great collection, though each is a great tool individually and worth the money spent. Thankful that the author has made them GPL so that we can study and add to them as we can - hopefully to help improve them and return them better :D

    • lapineige almost 2 years ago

      Thanks a lot Craig Jones for your feedback ! :) By the way, making the add-on GPL is mandatory, because Blender is GPL too and the add-ons use its API. But I would have done it even if it was not mandatory. I prefer to make it available for free, and to let you "buy" it as a kind of gift, if you appreciate it.

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