Toon Shader Pack, Komikaze

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A collection of Shaders/ Materials, Effects, Demos and general assets for all Comic and Toon needs. Made especially for Non-Photo-Realistic (NPR) renders.

Works flawlessly with Blender EEVEE, optimized for real-time rendering.


Each material comes with its one unique node, enough to easily control colors, textures, and mappings, allowing fast and flexible workflow.

Here are some tests done on different kinds of models, using the first 8 Komikaze Shaders. They react to light, cast and receive shadows and support multiple light sources.

'Into The Spider-Verse' has been a major influence and inspiration behind these shaders.


A number of text boxes, speech/ thought bubbles, and action/ sound graphics.
Please check their 'Shape Keys' section for more easy-to-use controls.

Some quick examples created from the text boxes :

The typefaces shown are free to use for commercial purposes and are included in the pack, with all the text boxes and examples.


A scene that demonstrates the true power of the Komikaze assets.

(NOTE: Santa and Fireplace models are NOT included. They are from 'League of Legends', property of 'Riot Games'

UPDATE 2.0 (3rd May 2019)

1. Molly : Trying to create a psychedelic visual with geometry.
Edge Split > Subdivision modifier will do half the trick (see bottom right corner :)

2. Dither
: A classic pixel dither technique, homage to the 8-bit era.

3. Hologram
: First *moving* shader I have ever worked on, all procedural :')

4. Alpha
: a go-to toon shader for see-through materials like glass or smoke.

5. Aqua
: Water shader with waves and moving ripples.

6. Blueprint 

7. Chroma : an experiment with RGB split gone right :)

8. Kismet : A wireframe shader with more depth and control.
The stars are dupli-verted, rest is shader magic. :)

Final shaders for the first update :

Minor improvements over 1.0 shaders:

1. Notepad+ : improved with better controls, margin added, grid fixed

2. Heavy Metal: improved controls, fixed reflections, satanic suzanne

UPDATE 2.1 (6th August 2019)

  • Install as an Add-on 
  • Custom Normal/ Vector inputs supported
  • Improved controls
  • Light Source's colors now affect the shaders
  • Optimized for faster performance
  • Most outputs now Color instead of Shader

(so they can be used as diffuse maps, roughness maps, alpha maps, anything! )

UPDATE 3.0 (31st March 2020)

  • Add-on updated, shaders appear in their own category
  • 8 new shaders have been added:

1. Snow (Hey oh) : Now this is a cool shader

2. Inferno : Use this for burn/ dissolve/ disintegrate effects
The pinwheel model is from
Jorge Vasquez Perez.


The boat model is from Stéphane Agullo. Special thanks to CG Matter.

4. Cosmos : Stars, Nebulas, and endless Spaaace

The Skuthulu model is from Carlos Lemos.

5. Prism : For all kinds of iridescence stuff

6. Rocky VI : Earth, rocks, draught etc.

7. Wind Waker : Flow with the wind

The city model is from Arthur Bourdot.

8. Ember : A revised fire shader without using particle systems

UPDATE 3.1 (3rd July 2021)

  • The addon now runs on Blender 2.93 and above


  • Komikaze Shaders only work with Blender Eevee
  • Outlines are done with the 'Solidify > Flip Normals' method (See F.A.Q.)
  • Please see the 'Video Demo' on top of this page to know more
  • Feel free to try the FREE DEMO before buying the full version


 ^Artwork by Anas Waleed <3

^Artwork by Jack Peach <3

^ Artwork by Hirokazu Yokohara <3

Feel free to follow my work or check out more DoubleGum products.
Happy Blending!

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