Toon Shader Pack, Komikaze

by DoubleGum in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • Carlos 2 days ago

    Crazy good, specially if you want to evade some texturing it has some spectacular results!

  • AK 3 months ago

    Very cool shaders. I mainly bought them for the line art function some of the shaders have, and it is definitely one of the easier ones to use! Will be great for creating environments for my comic art projects.
    Definitely recommend!

  • Jeremy H 3 months ago

    This collection is flawless and Rahul is extremely responsive and helpful toward questions!

    My projects which incorporate these shaders already look way better than they did before; a beautiful NPR look!

    • Rahul Parihar 3 months ago

      Thank you, Jeremy. I am happy to assist. :)
      Feels great to hear that Komikaze is helping with your work, cheers!

  • mecham 4 months ago

    quick support from DoubleGum.
    recommend this product for toon material

    • Rahul Parihar 4 months ago

      Thanks, Mecham! I am glad that you like the shaders. :)

  • Andrew D. 6 months ago

    These shaders are fantastic, I highly recommend the purchase! Very original and very beautiful to look at, the combinations are almost endless and intuitive. A product that is valid and professional.

    • Rahul Parihar 5 months ago

      Oh man, Andrew. :') You are too kind, thank you so much! <3

  • Nico 7 months ago

    This shader pack is amazing and Rahul is an awfully nice and helpful guy. When I had a problem (my own fault, not his or of the product!), he answered within an hour!

    I can absolutely recommend this shader pack and his other shaders, too. He provides high quality products and support. Just perfect!

    • Rahul Parihar 7 months ago

      Oh gee, you are too kind Nico. :')

      Thanks for the nice things you said, and for rating my shaders so generously, I am really glad you like them. ^_^

  • Maxime 8 months ago

    Perfect / 5. A must have.

    • Rahul Parihar 8 months ago

      Thank you, Maxime. :)

  • Spencer 9 months ago

    Spectacular speed when answering questions before purchase, Possibly the best toon materials I have ever seen. it works perfectly!

    • Rahul Parihar 9 months ago

      Thank you so much for the kind words Spencer, they mean a lot. ^_^

  • Dmitry 10 months ago

    This product is just awesome, it helps me a lot with my work!
    And author is very responsive, he kindly answers all possible questions.

    • Rahul Parihar 10 months ago

      Thanks for the kind words and rating Komikaze so generously, Dmitry. I am delighted to know that it is helping you with your work! Hope you like the update. ^_^

  • mikeningen 11 months ago


    • Rahul Parihar 10 months ago


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