Jack Frost | Winter Asset Pack

by Thatimster in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • lee simpson about 1 month ago

    Great product

  • digifex 10 months ago

    Great work.
    May I make some suggestions?
    1) Have some kind of user impute so that the user can control the height of the snow on the a mesh.
    2) Soften the blend between the original texture and the snow texture so the the edge is not hard.
    3) Have the deformation start slightly inside the area where the snow is when using micro-displacement so that is only deforms the area where there is snow and not the rest of the mesh.
    4) Perhaps a tutorial?
    I believe that if you can achieve these things, this addon could be used for much more than just snow, you could use it for moss, dirt or pretty much anything that would sit on an item. If you could achieve this you will have one of the best addons on this site worth 10 times the amount. Don't get me wrong. for the price and what it does it cannot be beat.

  • Neil Guthrie 10 months ago

    Another great asset pack - love the gravity-based snow shader in particular :-)

  • 3DVision 11 months ago

    Excellent work!

  • 3DVision 11 months ago

    Excellent work!!

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