JACK FROST | Winter Asset Pack

by Thatimst3r in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Do you find UV unwrapping tedious? 
Glossy + Diffuse + Noise texture not good enough?


JACK FROST is a 3D asset pack with everything you need to create a winter wonderland!

5 easy to use node groups!

Procedural Snow Shader:

Procedural Ice Shader:

Procedural Frost Shader:

Procedural Gravity-based Snow Shader

Snowflake Shader + 8 unique snowflake models (3D + 2D):

--------- Bonus ---------

6 Blend file scenes showing how to use each of the shaders!


  • Gravity-based Snow Shader
  • Standard Snow Shader
  • Ice Shader
  • Frost Shader
  • 10 unique snowflake models with normal maps
  • 7 blend files for demo scenes
  • Shader Documentation
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Good karma for supporting the Blender Foundation :)

v1.1 Update:

New Dirty Snow demo scene + 2 extra snow flakes:

Full Asset Pack Documentation is included with the purchase. This covers aspects of all shaders along with a support email if you have any problems.

Is this shader pack compatible with Eevee?

Yes this asset pack is compatible with eevee! Just make sure you have enabled subsurface scattering, refraction and reflection for optimal results.

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  • Neil Guthrie 12 days ago

    Another great asset pack - love the gravity-based snow shader in particular :-)

  • 3DVision 16 days ago

    Excellent work!

  • 3DVision 16 days ago

    Excellent work!!

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