Jack Frost | Winter Asset Pack

by Thatimster in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Do you find UV unwrapping tedious? 
Glossy + Diffuse + Noise texture not good enough?


JACK FROST is a 3D asset pack with everything you need to create a winter wonderland!

5 easy to use node groups!

Procedural Snow Shader:

Procedural Ice Shader:

Procedural Frost Shader:

Procedural Gravity-based Snow Shader

Snowflake Shader + 8 unique snowflake models (3D + 2D):

--------- Bonus ---------

6 Blend file scenes showing how to use each of the shaders!


  • Gravity-based Snow Shader
  • Standard Snow Shader
  • Ice Shader
  • Frost Shader
  • 10 unique snowflake models with normal maps
  • 7 blend files for demo scenes
  • Shader Documentation
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Good karma for supporting the Blender Foundation :)

v1.3 Update: 

Entire shader collection optimized for Eevee. Jack Frost now includes a Cycles shader collection and an Eevee shader collection with optimized material settings.

v1.2 Update:

Better looking gravity snow with a smoothing parameter!

v1.1 Update:

New Dirty Snow demo scene + 2 extra snow flakes: