Interior Essentials 2022 - Design Tool & Asset Library

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Latest Update: September 2022

Over 550 photorealistic and customizable assets

More than 100 completely new Materials

And One Plugin to rule them all!

Now with the support for Asset Browser!

Interior Essentials is the unique asset library of more than 550 high quality, render-ready models and 100 materials for interior visualizations, powered by our very own Flow Asset Manager, that is also included with this product! Create breathtaking photorealistic interiors faster than ever. Do not believe? See the video below to see what can you do with Interior Essentials!

Try Interior Essentials for free

The free demo is now available and includes 50 models, 30 materials & free version of Flow plugin

Create dream interiors with no effort!

Use Interior Essentials assets powered by Flow Asset & Material painter to add dozens of models and materials to your scene just with a few clicks. Juice up your interiors with dozens of detailed assets within seconds!

Tweak assets from the panel-level to create unlimited variations!

Tweak your assets directly from the panel level, transforming the 500 assets into the unlimited combinations! For almost each model, we've prepared the special set of properties, that allows you to customize it just the way you want in seconds! See below what different results can you achieve with using the same set of assets, tweaked without the need accessing the Shader Editor

Discover hundreds of Interior Essentials assets!

There is total more than 600 hand-crafted and unique assets in the Interior Essentials library, models and materials, accessible both with the Flow plugin and with the Asset Browser. We always try to keep as high quality for each model and material as possible Discover all of them on our website

Expand your library in your own way!

With the Flow plugin, you can also add your very own assets to the library easily. They will be also accessible from the Blenders Asset Browser!

Save your time and create better renders!

Pricing variants:

Including all Interior Essentials assets + Flow Asset Manager + Updates

Including 50% of assets + Flow Asset Manager + Updates

If you've purchased Interior Essentials LITE, you can later use the promo code ie-upgradetofull to purchase the full version with 50% discount

Architecture Bundle

Including all Interior Essentials assets + Architecture Elements + Flow Asset Manager + Updates

Expand your Interior Essentials library with total over 250 models & model sets and 100 completely new and unique PBR photo materials! Create amazing ArchViz scenes just from scratch to the detail & interior with this unique Architecture Elements + Interior Essentials Bundle!

All product variants always INCLUDES the full version of Flow plugin and all the future updates. If you want to get just the plugin, without assets to build your own library from scratch, you may purchase standalone plugin cheaper here. If you've already purchased Flow Asset Manager, but you also want to get Interior Essentials assets, use the promo code IGOTFLOW to get the Flow-price discount (this code works ONLY if you have purchased Flow before)


This package also includes the basic nature asset pack and other assets delivered with Flow!

Unique Flow tools for the better workflow!

Interior Essentials is just the package of assets, but what makes it extremely powerful is our Flow Asset Manager with a lot of extra tools. Along all the library functions, we've also developed the unique set of handy tools, to make the workflow with Blender even quicker and easier. You can now create much better scenes with no extra effort! Discover what you can expect from Flow!

Asset & Material Painter

Paint your assets into your scene to make it more detailed within seconds. Use any of your pre-saved library assets or objects from the current project. Randomize it's scale and rotation to make it look even more natural. Create environments in no-time! Protip! You can also use the graphic tablet to improve your works!

Properties System

Add properties to your assets, so you can later adjust them just from the panel level, without the need of entering any other editors. You can change color, material properties, objects size, modifiers, almost any value you want!

Brush Tools

Speed up sculpting and texture painting with our special brush tools pie menu and Flow extension for brushes tool panel. You can now load brushes and textures, or select the existing one from the single menu!

Instance Tools

Working with instance collections in Blender may be really annoing. We've made a set of functions, to make it even enjoyable. You can now edit any instance collection (even the nested ones) really easily and improve the performance of your scene

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