Interior Essentials + Flow 2.1 - Design Tool & Asset Library

by digital.ARCH in Models

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  • Warren Reed 23 days ago

    I love where all this is going: ME SAVING TIME! In the first episode of my new web series I had to make all the stuff in the house, ugh! when what I wanted to do was decorate, and animate! This add on is already saving me hours, the ease of use, the quality of the models, can't beat it, gang!

  • Ricardo 3 months ago

    The must have addon on blender, the assets thats provid hava a huge quality. 5 starts to the product.

  • Johnathan 4 months ago

    Absolutely fantastic addon! If you are a Blender user and you work on Arch Vis projects, this is a must-have. The more they add to this product, the more I'll recommend it. Keep up the great work!

  • Bassem 4 months ago

    Just beds , closets and cabinets and it will be impressive

  • Steve 6 months ago

    a very good asset manager- love the rotate chair feature - love the cups and glassware all those little touches that makes a scene!

  • Alexander Shuaibu 6 months ago

    Just realised I can add my own objects and models to the add-on so I can pull them in anytime from the sidebar adding to the library... that's it... 5 stars <3 <3
    And yes please make a Bed Category, would really appreciate it
    Awesome Project here and great timeSaver

  • DefaultBacon 7 months ago

    Useful but a lot (and I mean A LOT) of the models have reverse facing normals and non-manifold data which causes a lot of issues during rendering. Instead of being a time saver you need to spend time aligning normals and removing doubles.

  • wanchoke 7 months ago

    I think your collection should have bed category.

  • Copticrain 8 months ago

    Very nice addon.
    Developer response is quick and very helpful ! my problem was solved quickly and I am now able to enjoy the addon.
    Thank you for developing it

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