Interior Detail Essentials

by Noodle King Designs in Models

What are the asset's average polycount?

The models range from having 500 to 3000 faces, or 1000 to 6000 triangles.

How can I get the models into my scene?
  • Open up the model library .blend file
  • Select the model(s) you wish to import to your scene
  • Simply press Ctrl+C on the selected models, tab into your scene, and press Ctrl+V.
Can I modify the folders included in the pack?

Absolutely. Every piece of external data has been packed into their respective .blend files. Any modifications you make to the file folders won't affect the contents of the .blend files.

Where can I get help if my question hasn't been answered?

I can be contacted via the blender market messenger, or by email at [email protected]. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I export the models to other programs?

Interior Detail Essentials wasn't made for exporting to other programs. It is entirely possible to export the models to other programs, but results may vary. I've included a separate textures folder that contains every required UV map and image texture that corresponds with the models.