Human Activity Replication Toolbox (Hart)

by Innovision, LLC. in Scripts and Addons

Human Activity Replication Toolbox (HART)

HART, as a Blender add-on, can automatically produce a natural and realistic animation of human activities with the imported human models, cloth models, scene models and motion capture data. HART integrates a modified version of MHX2 import and MakeWalk developed by the MakeHuman team, retargets motion capture data to a human model, and edits the motion of an animated avatar. Usually, animators hide or remove human body surface under clothes to avoid the intersections between body surface and clothes. However, HART can generate “multiple layers” animation for some basic motions without intersection, providing separate meshes for body surface, cloth, and body attachment placed on the body under clothes.

The basic features of HART include 

  • Generating animation from the imported data;
  • Detecting intersections between two object meshes;
  • Retargeting mocap data to an armature;
  • Editing actions of the animated avatar;
  • Making an animated subject interact with scene;
  • Running cloth simulation for an animation;
  • Clearing intersections between clothes and human during post-processing;
  • Outputting the result of animation as 3D objects.
Published over 3 years ago
Blender Version 2.8
Misc Data Rigged, Animated
License GPL
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