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Installation and setup:

to install the add-on, simply download the .zip file and install it in Blender preferences > add-ons > install.

select the zip file, install it and then activate the ia scatter addon.


the ia scatter button can be found in the 3d viewport sidebar, under ia tools panel tab.

select an object and click the is scatter button to add and set up the ia scatter geometry node group.

this is the geometry node modifier with the ia scatter geometry node group added setup and ready to use.

to access the available options go to the geometry node editor:

(you can duplicate and add as many ia_scatter0 node groups as you need)

alternatively, if you want to access the ia scatter options from the properties panel you can replace the ia_scatter geometry node group with the ia_scatter0 geometry node group in the geometry node modifier

(although we believe that, in the current blender versions, the node interface is better depicted and easier to understand and use in the geometry node editor)

Example scenes / Tutorials:

Explanation of options:

version history:

version 1.82 (9 November 2022)

  • added merge distributed points by distance (works better than distance min in most cases)
  • added texture and weight affect scale option
  • added reset origin (z=0) button

version 1.71 (29 september 2022)

  • added convex hull geometry output
  • added raycast target geometry input

version 1.64 (24 September 2022)

  • added master on/off button
  • added secondary wind
  • added face camera (useful when scattering image planes)
  • added make canvas and make brush menu buttons (for weight dynamic painting)
  • fixed math in slope angle distribution
  • fixed LOD error
  • removed translation and distance from face as redundant. using random min and max values results in same behavior

version 1.58 (28 August 2022)

  • added wind system

version 1.51 (19 august 2022)

  • changed the scaling behavior. now uniform and non uniform random scales are simultaneous and additive
  • cleaned up the geometry node tree

version 1.45 (9 August 2022)

New features:

  • added distance and random distance from face along normal setting
  • added buttons under ia tools for resetting the origin of the selected object (center and lowest point) with center finding method option
  • added button under ia tools for selecting all objects that have similar size/volume to the currently selected object (with similarity tolerance setting)
  • added button under ia tools for smart UV projection of selected objects selected material
  • added option to modify the UI (split 3d viewport and open up geometry node editor) after ia scatter is added to the scene


  • ia scatter button now adds a new copy of the geometry node group with randomized seed on the selected geometry
  • added internal timing for each script operation for optimization and benchmarking purposes. the timing results can be seen in the console

version 1.34 (21 july 2022)

  • fixed align to normal, rotation and scale math to respect transform/center/pivot change (based on user feedback)

version 1.32  (20 july 2022)

  • added instance translation and random translation feature
  • fixed rotation math for better z axis behavior when align to normal is selected

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