Hummel Handball

by Marco Vitale in Models

The zipped Package contains:

  • handball.blend (this ist the main file, with applied materials and modifiers, ready to render)
  • A folder called utilitymaps, inside this folder you'll find different maps, which help you to create your own textures.
  • A folder called textures, inside this folder you'll find 7 subfolders, with self-explainatory names, which contain seven different texture-sets. There is also a folder called imperfections which contains the imperfection maps (scratches)

How to use the Textures:

Diffuse ColorThis is the complete node setup for Cycles, all texturemaps are connected to the same UVMap, so it's very easy to customize the texture yourself.

Diffuse ColorFor the diffuse color just use the Handball_Hummel_diffuse.png and the Handball_Hummel_base_color.png. These are connected to a MixRGB node, which is driven by the imperfections_map, so the diffuse color is "scratched" away form the base color, the second MixNode is softly overlaying the imperfections, so it gets a more realistic look.

Diffuse ColorFor the normal map just use the Handball_Hummel_normal.png as an image texture, which is connected to a Normal-Node.

Diffuse ColorFor the roughness of the material, just use the Handball_Hummel_roughness.png as an image texture, which is connected to a Mulitply-Node, this node multiplies the Texture with a uniform color, this color is basically your "base roughness" and the texture is adding variation to it. It's also connected to another MixRGB-Node, which adds the imperfections to the roughness value.

Diffuse ColorFor the imperfections like the included scratches, just use the imperfection map you like and use the Value-Node to control the strength of the imperfection. These Multiply-Nodes add the value of imperfection to the diffuse color and the roughness. So you only have to touch the Value, the rest is calculated automatically.

Diffuse ColorThe Handball_Hummel_displacement.png is used to add a little bit of real displacement to the model, this means the higher the Subdivisions of the subsurf modifier the stronger the "Hummel Logo" gets.

Diffuse ColorThis is the displacement with a subdivision level of 3.

Diffuse ColorThis is the displacement with a subdivision level of 5. You don't need to get this high, because the model will become ery heavy and you have the normal_map which is creating a good and higher detailed structure.

What is with the Handball_Hummel_detail_color.png? This texture is used if you like to add more imperfections or you like to distort the print of the ball, so you can overly it with the base color, send it through filters or edit it by hand to get a custom look.