Holy Food (Models, Shaders & Tutorials)

by DoubleGum in Models

What rendering engine should I go with?

Food Shaders are supported by both, Cycles and Eevee.

Feel free to use any rendering engine between the two.

Cycles looks better, Eevee works realtime.

Why do some shaders not work with Optix?

Optix doesn't support some nodes like the 'Bevel' or the 'Ambient Occlusion' node. It doesn't matter if they are connected to the material output or not, but if they are even present in the shader editor window, the scene will no longer render. Try it out with a fresh scene.

Any Holy Food shaders that use AO or Bevel shader will not render with Optix enabled. Please use CUDA instead.

Sorry about this, it is a bummer, I know. But we just have to wait for the Blender devs to fix it.

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