Hardops 00983: Curium

by TeamC in Scripts and Addons

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  • moontan 16 days ago

    i would get my money's worth if i was getting it only for the general workflow enhancement.
    but it can do so much more.
    in fact, it'll do everything basically except let you order pizza.

    oh, wait a minute... lol ;)

  • Sascha Uncia 29 days ago

    Currently learning to model with HardOps and BoxCutter, and they are awesome! Keep up the great work ♥

  • G. Nakai 3 months ago

    The essential tool for your hardsurface and sci-fi stuff model for Blender.
    It only takes a short while to learn but when you start to get hang with it, the payoff is modeling GOD mode modeling (depends on user skills).

  • Goncalo Pereira 6 months ago

    cant work without it anymore!

  • griantalamonti 6 months ago

    Do you know blender? If yes, then you need Hardops. Simply that ;)

  • Christian Skjutare 7 months ago


    In truth just a the creater continously states this does nothing new, just SO much faster and easier. You can avhieve the same effects as this tool on your own. However it will take you at least 3 times longer, usually more like 5. And that is if you know what you are doing. For a beginner that wants to be able to create while ideas are fresh in the mind i cannot recommend this to much. Just you beginners not forget to learn what the meaning of the tools actually are, it makes things so easy that it might actually halt your learning. And for you experienced ones how about cutting down on all that tedious clicking. Let this tool work and not your r.s.i. acing fingers joints ;)

    Highly recommended.

  • Andy 8 months ago

    Hard-Ops is an incredible add-on. If you are creating any kind. (and I do mean Any kind) of hard surface models, H-O is must buy.
    H-O is from the same dev/s that created the incredible "Box-Cutter"
    And just like BC, Hard-Ops is equally as comprehensive, with the "grow with you depth." in its options. And will increase your hard surface workflow tenfold.

    Again, Like with my BC review. I urged anyone looking at Hard ops, to do You-tube searches, for either of these. Or better yet try typing in "Box-Cutter, and Hard-Ops,"
    And get your "Just take my money, I really need these tools- clicking finger ready."

    Service- I had a question, and I contacted the developer, And was blown away by the effort he put into helping me achieve above and beyond what I asked.
    So the service of the Dev is on the same level as the incredible products.
    Cant ask for any more than that.
    There are some amazing add-ons available. When it comes to hard surface modelling / manipulation, both this, and Hard-Ops are at the top of the pile.
    Thank you to the dev.

  • fasdinbadas 9 months ago

    very great addon

  • Joseph England 10 months ago

    This + BoxCutter is not only fantastic for boosting productivity, but it is probably the most fun you can have in Blender. The 2.8 version is working well.

  • Nawaf Al-Rawachy 11 months ago

    Fantastic tool, an excellent time saver, it allows me to automate a huge chunk of my workflow with complex hard surface modeling, it comes with mesh inserts as well if yiu are into kitbashing but I find myself never using those, overall this plugin is excellent with very smart people behind it.

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