Hardops 00985: Neodymiumx

by TeamC in Scripts and Addons

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  • jay 27 days ago

    Amazing plugin, and a must have for blender.
    Also Watch out for the ui changes compared to old you-tube videos as this can cause confusion for beginners learning, but if you visit masterxeon1001 Blog you will find the latest videos that should help you in your quest to learn Hardops.

    • Team Csharp 27 days ago

      thanks for the review. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0RqAjByAphHoCDKWy6OU4BwB7hTi8lo_
      This playlist is intended to be latest first. Sorry for any confusion. Glad you're using hops!

  • Christopher Hemsworth about 1 month ago

    Nice add-on but WAY too frequent updates.

    • Team Csharp about 1 month ago

      bugs must remain resolved. Or the product collapses. Our commitment to ensuring the product is at its best for new users remains. Sorry about the email. I'll send less.

  • Fabio about 1 month ago

    This plugin is poetry

  • Aidan Lam 3 months ago

    okay now thats hot

  • zeto88 4 months ago

    Me gusta.

  • Matías Cajal 4 months ago

    Excellent. Definitely is a must-buy add on. Highly recommended to use with Box Cutter.

  • Carl Erik Tengesdal 5 months ago

    The hard surface monster-addon! love this thing to death. :) Keep it coming TeamC!

  • chocoice 5 months ago

    I felt it when I updated it today (hops 00984 Thulium)
    oh my god...
    It's worth more than the amount paid
    your best

  • moontan 7 months ago

    i would get my money's worth if i was getting it only for the general workflow enhancement.
    but it can do so much more.
    in fact, it'll do everything basically except let you order pizza.

    oh, wait a minute... lol ;)

  • Sascha Uncia 8 months ago

    Currently learning to model with HardOps and BoxCutter, and they are awesome! Keep up the great work ♥

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