Hard Surface Modeling In Blender

by Creative Shrimp in Training

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  • David
    22 days ago

    This course is brilliant, its scope and the depth of knowledge that been wash into the fabric of it. Truly you can tell Aidy and Gleb know what they're talking about, and they have a real passion for 3D modelling. And if you also have a passion for 3D modelling that rivals the yarning lust a honey badger has for honey and not caring about anything, then you should buy this course and stop reading now.

    However, if you just kinda, sort of want to do 3d modelling or you’re new this is not the course for you because it’s not perfect. It feels like a clump of ideas and knowledge like so much exploded microwave porridge. My first 20 minutes with the course was acting as their secretary, filing the files away into the right places and figuring out what I needed to do first. Then when I “started” SideB which is the start of the project (go figure), there was 2-3 videos explaining why they choose to make the robot they did.

    To bottom line, it the course content is great, but it needs a structure or a framework that gradually introduces the user into the subject matters. For someone who has been using blender a while, like myself, I knew what I was looking at and looking for. However, for anyone new, in its current form, this course is not for you, but it so could be…

    Thank you Gleb and Aidy, keep up the good work.

  • Nik Shepherd
    27 days ago

    I did really enjoy this course. I was brand new to 3d modeling and Blender when I bought this two years back and it helped tremendously both on theory and application in my hard surface modeling. Files weren't terrible for me but an issue as others have mentioned was related to the kitbash. It mostly related to applied bevels etc. as well as some of them not being in the kitbash file itself. I was able to pull them from the official project file but it did require cleanup etc. Overall though this was a very valuable course for me starting out. I have thought of running through it again just to see how I might do things differently since I started.

  • gursad
    2 months ago

    a complete waste of time!

  • Jeff Lange
    3 months ago

    Most excellent training!

  • Pete Burges
    5 months ago

    Moving to Blender from 3DS Max after many years, I bought this course to help me learn my way around the unfamiliar interface and terminology of Blender. It was super useful for that, but also so much more. It changed my modelling workflow in ways I hadn't considered and also taught me quite a few new tricks with hard surface modelling. There are lots of solutions to common issues that I wish I'd known starting out in 3D and had to learn the hard way. This is an excellent all-round modelling primer and a must for anyone wanting to focus on hard surface modelling in Blender.

  • Max
    6 months ago

    First, a bit about me for context: I started using Blender about a year ago. I've watched countless hours of YouTube tutorials, own and use Boxcutter/HardOps. I knew enough going into this that it was mostly just practice, but I still learned a few useful things from the theory videos.

    THE CONS: The file organization is an absolute nightmare and many of the kitbash items they use are not provided in the kitbash file. Also, lots of the kit has awful geo due to bevel modifiers that should not have been applied. I'm not sure how this slipped through, but you can import the pieces you need from their final model, so it's not a huge deal -- just annoying.

    THE PROS: The content itself holds up (both the new and older theory videos). I enjoyed both their personalities and workflow. They cover some theory and their process of design from brainstorming to sketching. The content starts slow and picks up after enough repetition. It didn't feel like too much or too little handholding.

    It took me quite a while to finish because I tried to exactly match their model, but I really did enjoy this course. I definitely wouldn't suggest this for true beginners because it's a pretty dense model, but it was great practice and a decent confidence booster.

  • Hartmut Döring
    7 months ago

    Very detailed and informative, the file organisation could be a bit better, but the videos itself a very helpful and professional.

  • Bob
    7 months ago

    The course starts with you trying to sort all the files, making space for the videos, and downloading VLC player just to watch it. Horrendous file management aside, info is decent although Side A is marketed as info you would need to watch Side B which is not the case at all. Side A is just theory. Side B is the actual course where the instructor flies through making the robot. If you are just now learning blender this course is not for you.

  • George F
    8 months ago

    I think the information is good, but this course is a mess. When you purchase this, you get a pile of zip files that you have to download and extract the videos from. There is no real order, and you basically have to watch on the computer. I just feel like this was organized fifteen years ago. Too much of a hassle to deal with, so I'll just eat the cost and keep looking elsewhere.

  • Chris
    10 months ago

    This is the best hard surface modelling course I have seen for Blender. It doesn't just tell you which keys to press, but it also explains why you should do things. There is as much information here about the theory of modelling as there is about specifics of how to model the robot.
    I have bought a few other hard surface modelling courses, but this is the one I keep coming back to time and time again.
    There are some parts where you have to work around some issues with regards to the course being developed for Blender 1.7, as the boolean operators have changed slightly, but these are covered in the update videos.

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