Hard Surface Modeling In Blender

by Aidy Burrows & Gleb Alexandrov in Training

The hard-surface modeling industry is booming, no surprises since the love for hard surface creation has been strong for a long time! Now the amount of the opportunities out there for hard-surface modelers is IMMENSE: concept art for Sci-Fi movies, props for video games, real-world robotic design, 3d printing - you name it. 

If you’ve ever seen the art of Daniel Bystedt, Masterxeon1001, Vitaly Bulgarov or Neil Blevins and any number of other amazing artists, you may know that feeling of awe and excitement… and frustration. Like, how do they manage to create such realistic, detailed models?


Maybe you have come across these too, we want to give a huge shout out to people who shared their modeling concerns with us on emails and Twitter...

  • Triangles and NGons are a headache
  • The boolean operations are really hard to master
  • Ways to create nice bevelled edges
  • Cutting holes into curved surfaces
  • General shading issues
  • Topology is a mess
  • Where to add edgeloops, how to control edgeflow
  • Creating smooth transitions from one shape to another


It actually took each of us more than 10 years to accumulate enough modeling knowledge to be confident about it. 


So basically we thought, what would it look like if we condensed all the knowledge required to get up and running with the hard-surface modeling, including practical AND theoretical stuff, and just put together a video course.

That’s everything you need to know to create robots and other hard-surface stuff in Blender. The comprehensive guide to the super powerful modeling workflows plus 6 hours of theory. All the right boxes ticked. 

It’s like watching a whole Game of Thrones season, but about 3d modeling in Blender.

It probably won’t make you Vitaly Bulgarov, but you’ll feel WAY more confident about your modeling skills.


Aidy Burrows - Artist, Overly Optimistic, Co-Author @ Creative Shrimp

Gleb Alexandrov - Founder of Creative Shrimp, Caffeinated Artist


  • Video Info: 13+ hours, 2560 x 1440, MP4 format
  • 80+ Hard-surface Modeling Tutorials
  • 2 Workflows: Sub-d and Boolean
  • Software Used: Blender 2.79b
  • Skill Level: Beginner-Intermediate


100% Blender, no third party plugins.


The first part of the videocourse, the side A as we call it, is aimed at the beginner users. It’s the essentials of modeling theory and primers and the showcase of the most popular modeling tools and techniques. 6 hours.

The side B on the other hand, requires a pretty solid understanding of the basic modeling tools and principles, UI and so on. It’s aimed at the intermediate users. 7 hours.


  • All the necessary .blend files are included
  • A Kitbash Set. Joints, hinges, latches, cables and many other things. 

All project files are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). Feel free to use these assets in your projects, even commercial.

The details: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/


Richard Money, Star Citizen Vehicle Artist


Wesley, Founder of Penfinity

“Simple to digest and easy to follow.”

Jerry Perkins (masterxeon1001), Creator of Hard Ops

"So long... so educational. I will be recommending this to everyone as a prerequisite for understanding the fundamentals!"

Neil Blevins, Digital Artist

“Very high quality...lots of good ideas and explaining why to do something and why something works the way it does”

Daniel Bystedt, Character artist

“An extremely comprehensive guide to hard surface modeling that covers both basics and pro tips. Informative as well as inspiring. Well done Gleb and Aidy!”

Yanal Sosak (YanSculpts), Character Artist

"Leave it to Gleb and Aidy to create a course that is hard to give a testimony on… Not sure how to give their work justice in a few words. This course is probably better than anything you will learn in any 3D school. This video course is packed with modeling tips, tricks, theories, and execution that will blow your mind!"

Grant Wilk, Remington Graphics

“Gleb and Aidy have your back covered when it comes to Blender courses. Goofy comments, one of a kind tips, easy to understand instruction, and expert workflows are all fruitfully abundant throughout the entirety of this course. I couldn’t have asked for more!”

Midge Sinnaeve, Motion Design & VFX Artist

"Of all the hard surface modeling courses I've seen over the years, this is one of the most complete I've ever come across. Aidy and Gleb do a great job of walking you through all the different modeling techniques in Blender to achieve a great result. You won't be disappointed!"

For more information visit CreativeShrimp.com

Watch this...    00_INTRODUCTION_01.mp4

To get you in the mood while you're downloading these....

HSMC_VideosPart1_SideA_01_to_03.zip - 4.1 GB



A_01_1_ModelingOptions_Standard - 407 MB MP4

A_01_2_ModelingOptions_Boolean - 223 MB MP4

A_01_3_ModelingOptions_Kitbash - 65 MB MP4

A_01_3b_ModelingOptionsKitbash_HowToUse - 45 MB MP4

A_01_4_ModelingOptions_Sculpting - 288 MB MP4

A_01_5_ModelingOptions_Retopo - 175 MB MP4

A_01_6_ModelingOptions_Curves - 270 MB MP4

A_01_7_ModelingOptions_2dDrawing - 154 MB MP4

A_02_1_ModelingTheory_Part1 - 172 MB MP4

A_02_2_ModelingTheory_Part2 - 338 MB MP4

A_02_3_ModelingTheory_Part3 - 76 MB MP4

A_02_4_ModelingTheory_Ngons - 356 MB MP4

A_03_1_SubDEssentials_Part1 - 109 MB MP4

A_03_2_SubDEssentials_Part2 - 561 MB MP4

A_03_3_SubDEssentials_Part3 - 80 MB MP4

A_03_4_SubDEssentials_Part4 - 289 MB MP4

A_03_5_SubDEssentials_Part5 - 374 MB MP4

A_03_6_FusingMeshesBoolean - 174 MB MP4

A_03_7_SubDEssentials_Part6 - 335 MB MP4

HSMC_VideosPart2a_SideA_04_to_05.zip -3.7 GB


A_04_1_NonSubdEssentials_Part1 - 398 MB MP4

A_04_2_NonSubdEssentials_Part2 - 558 MB MP4

A_04_3_NonSubdEssentials_Part3 - 781 MB MP4

A_05_0_Modifiers_Intro - 29 MB MP4

A_05_1_Modifiers_Bevel - 284 MB MP4

A_05_2_Modifiers_Solidify - 166 MB MP4

A_05_3_Modifiers_Smooth - 105 MB MP4

A_05_4a_Modifiers_Mirror - 244 MB MP4

A_05_4b_Modifiers_Mirror - 111 MB MP4

A_05_5_Modifiers_Shrinkwrap - 189 MB MP4

A_05_6_Modifiers_SurfaceDeform - 153 MB MP4

A_05_7_Modifiers_Lattice - 185 MB MP4

A_05_8_Modifiers_Curves - 107 MB MP4

A_05_9_Modifiers_Array - 112 MB MP4

A_05_10_Modifiers_SimpleDeform - 78 MB MP4

A_05_11_Modifiers_Wireframe - 154 MB MP4

A_05_12_Modifiers_DataTransfer - 239 MB MP4

HSMC_VideosPart2b_SideA_06_to_08.zip - 1.6 GB


A_06_1_ShadingEssentials - 241 MB - MP4

A_07_1_TransformEssentials_Part1 - 305 MB - MP4

A_07_2_TransformEssentials_Part2 - 164 MB - MP4

A_07_3_TransformEssentials_Part3 - 165 MB - MP4

A_07_4_TransformEssentials_Part4 - 109 MB - MP4

A_08_1_ViewportEssentials_Part1 - 444 MB - MP4

A_08_2_ViewportEssentials_Part2 - 355 MB - MP4

HSMC_VideosPart3_SideB_01_to_02.zip - 3.1 GB



B_01_1_ConceptArt - 302 MB - MP4

B_01_2_DesignGuidelines - 388 MB - MP4

B_02_1_BlockingOut_Part1 - 460 MB - MP4

B_02_1_BlockingOut_Part2 - 145 MB - MP4

B_02_1_BlockingOut_Part3 - 702 MB - MP4

B_02_1_BlockingOut_Part4 - 722 MB - MP4

B_02_1_BlockingOut_Part5 - 498 MB - MP4

HSMC_VideosPart4_SideB_03_Refining.zip - 4.2 GB


B_03_0_Refine_Intro - 12 MB - MP4

B_03_1_Refine_Nozzle_A - 392 MB - MP4

B_03_2_Refine_Nozzle_B - 434 MB - MP4

B_03_3_Refine_Lamp_Top - 389 MB - MP4

B_03_4_Refine_Bumpers - 103 MB - MP4

B_03_5_Refine_Upper_Part1 - 357 MB - MP4

B_03_6_Refine_Upper_Part2 - 462 MB - MP4

B_03_7_Refine_Upper_Part3 - 310 MB - MP4

B_03_8_Refine_Lower_Part1 - 565 MB - MP4

B_03_9_Refine_Lower_Part2 - 494 MB - MP4

B_03_10_Refine_Lower_Part3 - 323 MB - MP4

B_03_11_Refine_Finish_Part1 - 331 MB - MP4

B_03_12_Refine_Finish_Part2 - 494 MB - MP4

HSMC_VideosPart5a_SideB_04_Booleans.zip - 4.6 GB


B_04_0_Boolean_Intro - 24 MB - MP4

B_04_1_Boolean_Part1 - 394 MB - MP4

B_04_2_Boolean_Part2 - 529 MB - MP4

B_04_3_Boolean_Part3 - 734 MB - MP4

B_04_4_Boolean_Part4 - 376 MB - MP4

B_04_5_Boolean_Part5 - 689 MB - MP4

B_04_6_Boolean_Part6 - 431 MB - MP4

B_04_7_Boolean_Part7 - 645 MB - MP4

B_04_8_Boolean_Part8 - 399 MB - MP4

B_04_9_Boolean_Part9 - 638 MB - MP4

HSMC_VideosPart5b_SideB_05_to_06.zip - 1.7 GB


B_05_1_MiscDetails_Part1 - 514 MB - MP4

B_05_2_MiscDetails_Part2 - 223 MB - MP4

B_05_3_MiscDetails_Part3 - 112 MB - MP4

B_05_4_MiscDetails_Part4 - 239 MB - MP4

B_06_0_MeshDoctor_Intro - 11 MB - MP4

B_06_1_MeshDoctor - 665 MB - MP4


HSMC_Videos_BONUS_01_SetupSelection - 0.9 GB


BONUS_BlenderSetup - 376 MB - MP4

BONUS_SelectionTips - 694 MB - MP4

Extras.zip - 244 MB
Project Files.zip - 200 MB

Kibash.zip - 14.8 MB

I have a question, how can I contact you guys?
Where can I get an invoice/receipt?

Login to your BlenderMarket account and go into Profile> My Account> Order History. There you’ll find the Receipt (PDF) button.

What version of Blender do I need? 2.79? 2.8?

A lot of the course is quite theoretical and applies across any version of Blender, or any version of polygonal modeling software in fact.

The vast majority of the course is recorded using 2.79b. This is the most recent stable version of Blender and will remain so for some time, it also runs on the vast majority of computers. 

Once 2.8 official is released, we will be adding some supporting content to help anyone transition over should they choose to.

How to download the Hard Surface Modeling Course from Blender Market?

Upon purchase you’ll be given download links. If you need to download at a later time then simply create an account with the same email used to purchase and the downloads will be available on your Account page: https://blendermarket.com/account  

How to give product as a gift?

The Blender Market can send you an invoice and then deliver the gift to any given email; in order to the claim the gift the recipient will need to create an account with that same email.  

I've deleted the email with the link. How to regain the access to the product on Blender Market?

Login to the Blender Market and visit your account page: https://blendermarket.com/account 

Should I use any video player in particular?

Everything has been tested using VLC, so while everything should play fine on all players, if in doubt give this awesome free player a try....


Where are the resources (.blend files, references)?

You'll find these in the project files zip folder.

Will I need any other software, besides Blender?

No, the course is done 100% within Blender.

I just started learning Blender, will I be able to do this?

This course is aimed at the intermediate skilled users, so we would recommend to have some basic understanding of Blender before entering the hard surface laboratory of dreams. 

The first half (6 hours or so) is aimed at the beginner level. The second half (another 7ish hours) assumes you're more confident at this point the tempo goes quicker. Though, we did our best to make it accessible. If you are up to the challenge, give it a shot.

What is the license of the .blend files? Can I use it in my own projects?

The .blend files contained in the hard surface modeling course are released under Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution. Feel free to use them in your projects.

Can I have a refund?

Sure. Blender Market has a 30 day money back guarantee. Just shoot an email to [email protected] and ask for a refund.

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  • Merzaud 2 months ago

    If u wanna get into modeling in blender this is the way to go-pro🙏🏻

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    The Best course for the BEGINNER.

  • steven 4 months ago

    Great comprehensive course. I am sure this will improve my modelling skills. Lots of handy tips.

  • Jonathan C 4 months ago

    Having used Blender for 8 years I was going to skip the beginner section but decided to watch through it anyway at the last minute. So glad I did - learned a bunch of shortcuts or methods that I had never used before! Looking forward to getting a chance to dig into the rest of the course, time permitting.

  • John Baum 5 months ago

    Very good course, with tons of useful info. As a blender noob, I found side A very helpful. However, the jump to the content in side B is rather a big one. I kind of wish they walked you through a couple of less ambitious projects to practice what you learn in side A first.

  • Bruce Benson 5 months ago

    Fantastic - well worth the money!

  • Evelina Holm 6 months ago

    Wonderful tutorial!!! Intensely packed with best practices, tips and hundreds of small examples of how to bring modelling to a more advanced level! So much worth the price!! thanks Gleb and Aidy! Fantastic course!

  • Eduardo 6 months ago

    This is a really good course that teaches not only hard surface modeling but a lot of theory that you can take to whatever 3d program you use. Really awesome.

  • c 6 months ago

    Great tuts, my only grumble is in the organization of the vids for download and viewing, really need a PDF contents page or something to make working through them in order a lot easier and layout the structure. Other than that its great.

  • Eugenio 7 months ago

    Great course! Everything you need to master hard surface modeling in blender. Aidy and Gleb are really good teachers!

  • Zaccaria 7 months ago

    Great quality, nice videos and explanations. The ideas and concepts are easy to understand
    Good practical tips.

  • Petr 7 months ago

    Thx for VERY useful tutorial!

  • Lionel Alvergnas 7 months ago

    It's really an amazing course!!! Just with the "face A" I learned lots of very practical tips!
    By far one of the better tuto I've never seen!

  • Allan Saunders 8 months ago

    excellent tutorials I really like to see start to finish projects

  • graemeallan 8 months ago

    Well-thought out course, expertly presented.

  • malek 9 months ago

    i am using blender for 2 years and i thought i got enough knowledge about modeling
    tbh i was shocked in the Content its really good and Contain a lots powerful information
    thanks for this great curse i am thinking now to buy the old curse about Space VFX Elements
    But i am bit scared of the Content and i am not sure if my pc can handle it any way just want it to say thanks for this curse

  • Kit MacAllister 9 months ago

    Absolutely worth every penny. I have already learned a dozen or more techniques that have improved and sped up my workflow and vastly increased the quality of my topology.

  • Davide 9 months ago

    I just started, but I can already says that the quality of the teaching is Incredible! I'm deeply impressed on how much value has been put inside this course.

    Be aware though: it's not for the faint of heart. If you're a total beginner like me the content is incredibly packed with so much information and knowledge that your head will feel like it's exploding! It took me more than one hour just to go through the FIRST video (that is just 18 mins long). Be ready to take notes, LOTS of notes. The amount of keyboard shortcuts used is incredible and will overwhelm you for sure, so better writing things down and revisit them periodically to be able to recall them when needed.

    Watching, taking notes, re-watching and repeating on your own means that, if you're like me, each minute of video will cost you AT LEAT 5 minutes of your "real" time, and that means this course will feel to you (I'm looking at you "n00bie", that is, me) like a 60+ hours course; probably much more if you consider that you'll have to periodically revisit a few videos or just your notes at least until you commit the huge amount of information to memory (I guess that will take some time).

    It's totally worth it and I'm totally in love with this content; I'm sure the hard work you HAVE to put in on your part will be repaid with the tremendous amount of knowledge and expert tips you'll grab along the way. Highly recommended!

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    I learned more in the first hour of watching this course than in 5 years of free youtube tutorials. I soon came to realise that my existing "workflow" was simply a collection of bodges and work-arounds to make up for my lack of knowledge of the basics of modelling and topology! Worth every penny.

  • Victor Duarte 9 months ago

    Great work from Gleb and Aidy! The workflow for hardsurface modeling shown here is GOLD!

  • zeto88 9 months ago

    Almost finished side A. It's awesome so far! Thank you guys :)

  • alvaro 9 months ago

    No tengo dudas de que este curso me ayudará a subir de nivel significativamente mi modelado hardsurface.

  • Ben 9 months ago

    The beginning section alone is worth the price of admission. I've used Blender for well over a decade now, and I've picked up a lot of bad modeling habits along the way from self-learning and watching bad tutorials in the early days. This has been a good"reset" for me, in that respect. I also really like the two-pronged approach, covering both procedural and destructive workflows. And the modeling theory section was helpful in understanding why some models behave better than others with subsurface modifiers, etc.

  • Noworodowski 9 months ago

    Thank you

  • Mikhail Luzjanin 9 months ago

    It's a very good cource. It has a complete explanation of all methods and thricks that need for beginner and intermediate modeller who want to increase his skills. I will recommend this cource to people who ask how to model such hard surface things.

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    Well organized, clear, fun, and overflowing with rich Blender awesomeness. Very easy to recommend this outstanding resource - thank you Aidy and Gleb!!

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    The course itself is incredibly good, but it would be nice if the file names was a little less confusing

  • GaryMyers 10 months ago

    I've been using Blender for over a decade and this set represents a similar investment in time and energy by Gleb and Aidy. I've learned so many new shortcuts and techniques over the last couple of days. Keep this set handy on your computer - I guarantee you'll be going back to it many times.

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    I'm glad I got this, even the beginner section had good tips on things I thought I had figured out. Also serves as a nice video resource collection you can keep on your pc if you need to brush up later.

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    Really, really AWESOME ! ! !

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    Just absolutely awesome. One of the best tutorial series I have ever seen! Thank you guys for helping my 3D dreams come to life!

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    Right from the start, it's clear that an immense amount of thought and effort went into this substantial course.

    Exactly as [email protected] already mentioned, there's so many helpful hints and tips in the intro section alone, which I also found either brand new (to me) or well worth making a lot more use of.

    I have no doubt that this course is going to help me to significantly 'level-up' my hard-surface modeling.

  • yoshio 10 months ago

    Great video!

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    I thought I might not need to do the beginner section and would move onto the intermediate section, but out of curiosity I went into one of the first videos and watched 5 minutes, I learned 7 things I had never known. This course is awesome, I can only begin to imagine how much I will have learned by the time I complete this.

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