Grease Pencil Draw Transform

by pullup in Scripts and Addons

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  • Henrik Cederblad
    about 8 hours ago

    This is one of those little but super convenient enhancement addons you can't be without once you've tried them once. Awesome little gem.

    4 days ago

    Very cool!

  • TR4
    12 days ago

    If you use the Grease Pencil at all, you need this! It saves so much time in edits and makes working with strokes so intuitive! The latest update has a brush/stroke resizing feature too which really makes the grease pencil a joy to use. Thank you!

  • pokosa
    17 days ago

    Thank you for the wonderful tool!
    I think it is very revolutionary as it simplifies what I thought was a tedious task in GP.
    If you ever update it in the future, it would be more helpful if the mouse wheel could also be assigned the ability to change the area affected by a pinch, since it is sometimes operated with the mouse.

    • Pullup

      14 days ago

      I'm glad you're happy with the tool! The 0.9.0 update has just been released, including a new Slide tool. Mouse wheel now also affect pinch size ;)
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