Grease Pencil Draw Transform

by pullup in Scripts and Addons

Use letter-keys like modifiers combined with left-click on a stroke to trigger transform:
G : Grab          R : Rotate
S : Scale          E : Pinch

Note: the 3D pencil and letters display have nothing to do with the add-on, there are only in the video/gifs to better show where the cursor is.


Once the transformation has started you can release the modifier key, transform keep going while click/pen is pressed

Pressing Esc during the transformations will cancel back to original position.

Those keybinding can be customized or disabled in add-on preferences.

At the end of the transform, stroke reproject itself on the canvas.
Check that you have wanted canvas draw-settings.

Pinch Tool:

The most useful tool of the set.

While active, Keys 1 and 2 top row numbers can be used to reduce/augment influence radius.

Radius default value, influence display, presets and behavior can be tweaked in addon preferences.

Influence propagate along the line, so only the part you pinch is affected! :

Pinch influence falloff is different when triggered in the inner part of the line or close to line tip for easier stroke tweaking:

Stroke Delete:

Directly pressing X delete the closest stroke from cursor, useful for quick cleaning

Slide Tool (0.9.0 update):

Pressing W + click drag to change the length of the stroke.

3 basic transforms (G/R/S):


Does not work on multiple drawing depth in the same object, as it uses drawing plane position and orientation to determine which stroke to pick and where to reproject.

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