by Ethan Simon-Law in Scripts and Addons

How long do you intend to support this project?

The licensing is clear that further support is not required, but I will say that I personally hold myself up to patching any and all preexisting full releases of the add-on for bugs or unintended results. If you do experience any issues, get in contact with me via the contact info below.

Will you ever support pre-release versions of Blender?

No. GrabDoc will forever only support stable full release branches of Blender. Add-ons should still work in higher versions than 2.91 (and sometimes even lower versions) since the API hasn't seen major changes that pose a compatibility risk, but stability still isn't guaranteed.

I have a feature idea, where do I go to request this new feature?

Great! I am open ears to your ideas. Get in touch with me via email @ [email protected] or via the Support Discord Server.